5 Little Known Lightroom Tools That Will Make Your Photos Better

Chances are you’re using Lightroom and getting along with it just fine. But, as is the case with nearly any application, there is always some “hidden” or overlooked feature that would certainly be beneficial if only you knew it existed or knew how to use it. So whether you’re a recent Lightroom convert or adoptee just getting acclimated to a new workspace, or a longtime Lightroom user who has simply been content to use the same few tools each time you work, I will show you 5 Lightroom tools that you may want to put to use on a regular basis.

5 Mexican Photographers You Need To Know

19″Maybe I do not have the lynx eye Cartier-Bresson talked about, I’m more rested, I’m staying with what’s there, static.” Graciela Iturbide Mexico has a very interesting visual culture, from painting to film – and in the midst of it all, of course, fits (and very well) photography. Mexico has something special. In fact, it’s […]

4 Persistant Myths About Drone Photography

Drones have rapidly become powerful tools for photographers and filmmakers alike. Their ability to soar above a scene and give an entirely new perspective to our images makes them increasingly popular. With that popularity, however comes some negativity, some induced by some drone fliers themselves, others simply myths propagated by people that vehemently dislike the […]