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Don’t Justify Your Bad Pictures As Artistic

Camera Craft

Let’s be honest, most of us, myself included, have tried to justify a bad picture as “artistic”. Usually it’s because there is some merit to the photo, perhaps a great composition or a moment of beautiful light.  The reason that the image fails is nearly always technical. We try to justify that technical imperfection as […]

7 Quick Tips For Better Beach Photography

Landscape Photography

We all love the beach, but getting a decent photograph from your beach excursion can be a little tricky. Here are a few quick beach photography tips that should help you improve your results. Visiting the beach can be one of many reasons – for a sun bath, a slow walk to get some air, […]

Useful Tactics for Shooting Macro At Home

Macro Photography

There are times when we cannot go out to shoot. It might be dark and raining, you might may be expecting an Amazon delivery or we might be in the throes of a global pandemic. One thing is for certain however, despite being cooped up at home, the photographic itch still needs scratching.  So how […]

An Introduction to Videography


I will be honest with you, I dislike the word Videography. It has neither the tone or attractiveness of the word Photography. Video is of course an electronic extension of Film Making or, even better, Cinematography. Whatever we call it, shooting video is a major part of photography today. Pretty much any camera you purchase […]

Best Of The Week at the Light Stalking Community

Cool Photos & Photographers

Let’s enjoy some beautiful photographs taken by our members! Here is your weekly wrap-up from Light Stalking – you’ll find some nicely curated stuff from the general chit chat as well as some amazing shots from Tersha’s latest challenge on Form in Black and White in the Garden! And as you’ve already guessed by now, […]

Get to Know Lightroom’s Local Adjustment Tools


How often do you use Lightroom’s local adjustment tools? These three powerful tools rock the smallest adjustment to big details across areas of your image. The main sliders in Lightroom’s Develop module apply changes to the total image. When working with local adjustment tools, you’re making changes to targeted areas within the image. What are […]

Will Cameras Learn to “Compose”?

Photography Opinion Pieces

I can almost feel the rising tide of indignation heading towards me even as it type this headline. Learn to compose? Don’t be ridiculous some might comment. How can you simulate the creativity of the mind other might chip in. And for the most part, at this moment in time you are correct. Technology, however […]

4 Simple Composition Guidelines for Beginners

Photographic Composition

To many (probably most) photographers, composition reigns supreme when it comes to the most important component of a good photograph. Of course, individual stylistic choices should always be considered, but the general consensus is that composition is often the make or break factor. All the talk about composition — its importance, its varied and sometimes […]