About Light Stalking

We want to teach people how to create the photographs that they aspire to.

We do that through free written and video tutorials and affordable courses that naturally and enjoyably extend their learning. We also believe in the power of community and mutual constructive feedback which is why you will find us on this site a lot and giving (and taking) advice in our forums.

Hopefully, we are doing something right as our tutorials have been shared by everybody from National Geographic, MSNBC, Photoshop, Lightroom, Canon, Nikon and we have even been included in several books! We are also a top 10 photography blog according to Feedspot, Klout and Wefollow.

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Who Are We?


Editor – Rob Wood – Rob was given his first camera (the awesome and powerful Kodak Instamatic of the late 70s) at the age of 5. He still hasn't quite mastered it. When he isn't tinkering on the internet updating Light Stalking he can often be found on his unending quest for the perfect landscape shot. Rob started Light Stalking simply because he loves writing and photography. rob (@) lightstalking.com

DSC_0377-sDahlia Ambrose is a physicist and self-taught photographer with a passion for travel, photography, and technology. She can sometimes get obsessed trying new photography techniques and post-processing styles using Lightroom or Plugins in Photoshop. She occasionally writes articles on topics that interest or provoke her. You can check out her photography on Instagram, 500px and Flickr

Federico Alegria is a professional photographer from El Salvador. With a specialization in street photography, Federico contributes to Light Stalking several times a week. His portfolio is here.


Editorial Producer – Angie Morton takes care of bringing our books and guides to fruition by working with our awesome photographers. When she doesn't have her nose in a new Light Stalking guide, you can find her on G+ or Twitter.


Jason Row –Having started his photographic journey with an old Soviet camera Jason then spent the next 20 years travelling the world. His collection of travel images have been published worldwide in magazines, books and oddly on towels made by a Turkish textile company. Almost content with the 145 countries visited he has now settled down in the former Soviet Union in the beautiful city of Odessa, Ukraine. You can see some his work at the Odessa Files, read his blog chronicling the adventures of an expat in the former Soviet Union and follow him on Facebook. He also Tweets from time to time.

Jason D Little – Jason Little is a photographer (shooting macros, portraits, candids, and the occasional landscape), part-time writer, and full-time lover of music. You can see Jason’s photography on his photography blog or on Flickr.



Scott Johnson is a professional photographer focussed on historical preservation issues in his native Canada. He is also responsible for Light Stalking's massively popular weekly wrap-ups of photography news and views from around the Internet. Catch him here.


Ade Torrent is a photographer and the founder of the incredibly popular Old Cameras Youtube channel. A lover of film photography, Ade can also be found on Twitter.

Past Writers

We have had some legends pass through our doors.

Kent DuFault – Kent is a professional studio photographer and writer who went on to become Head of Content at Photzy where he has authored many excellent guides. You can find him online at his website or on Insta.


Ritesh SainiRitesh Saini – Ritesh's photographic interests have varied from nature and landscapes to street photography. He can look at photographs for hours and enjoys retouching photos in Photoshop. Ritesh went on to work full time for Photzy. You can see his photography on Flickr.


sheen watkins 73x73Sheen Watkins – Sheen Watkins is a bird and nature wildlife photographer from Birmingham, Michigan. A long-term passion for birding collided with photography when she was surprised with a camera as a gift a couple of years ago.  For Sheen, nature photography always presents a fun challenge. Those precious little birds whether in the wild or at the feeders, they don't politely pose for the photographer. Her photography can found on Facebook and her website. She also has a travel and photography blog.


What Else?

You can also catch us all around in the internet. Here are a few of the places we like to hang out:

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What People Are Saying About Light Stalking

These are a few of the comments we have had on the various blog posts and social media for Light Stalking.

“I love this”


I love this - thanks so much for sharing these ideas. They're practical, easy, inspiring all at once.

Sean Eno

“Excelllent ideas!”


Excelllent ideas! I totally forgot about the lace curtains and how their casts are so lovely. AND, I cannot wait to try steam...excellent and thank you!!!!

memphis rain

“I love all of your articles”


I love all of your articles.... I was planning to buy my first gun for my canon 700-d and i had no idea about what to consider... But this article helped me out very much...
Thank you team Light Stalking..

Hasnain Khimji

“love your tips”


Great article..love your tips.


“a big thank you to Light Stalking being a great resource to read”


First a big thank you to Light Stalking being a great resource to read, I love your articles.

Carl Stanley

“I always love reading the thorough tutorials that are posted here”


I always love reading the thorough tutorials that are posted here, even though I don't understand half of what I read. I am just getting started with Lightroom , and if I learn just one tip each day I'm happy. Today my takeaway is learning to work with the color mixer panel for black and white photos. I didn't even know they would affect my finished photos. Thanks so much for sharing this.


“Great article”


Great article, thanks, Jason. And I love your photos !!!!

Jean Pierre

“Great article and lovely images.”


Great article and lovely images. Thanks for sharing.


“Fantastic article. I loved it.”


Fantastic article. I loved it. Please keep more coming our way.

Savio Menezes

“Thoroughly enjoy your posts. Thanks”


Thanks for the ideas.i have started a 365 project and opened a Flickr account to upload to. Thoroughly enjoy your posts. Thanks.

Gill Brown

“your article was really interesting and useful.”


Thank you Federico Alegria, your article was really interesting and useful.


“Great tips”


Great tips for an amateur landscape enthusiast like me. Out practicing from tomorrow.

Jones Katangwe

“you're my inspiration.”


Love the photography! you're my inspiration.

Michael Fetsko

“Love your posts.”


Love your posts! I always learn interesting and relative information


“Spot on!”


Spot on! Loved this post Thanks to Matt Brandon for sharing

Lisa Dorenfest

“Love this.”


Love this. Really motivational. Definitely need to get out there and take even more photos than I do!

James Smerdon

“The Best!”


Excellent article from the best photography service on the Web. Thank you Light Stalking team.

Issam Elayoubi

“Love the article!”


Love the article! have to admit the buddy system has been great for me. The Foto-Flockers I met through our camera club have really challenged and inspired me. Thanks Sheen!


“I love your tips”


I love your tips...they are easy to underdtsand for beginners!

Vicky Wilkerson

“I loved reading it.”


Awesome post. I loved reading it.

Brian Pittman

“These LR tips are great and certainly help me in my post processing.”


These LR tips are great and certainly help me in my post processing. Do keep it up
Sharing one's expertise do help those that love shooting images


“Great article.”


Great article. I love shooting square.

David Nathan