Astrophotography: 13 Awesome and Inspiring Astronomy Photos

Astronomy photography (astrophotography) is probably one of the most difficult types of photography that can be undertaken by the amateur photographer. It is also one of the most inspirational types of photography and is always immensely popular.

Luckily for us, some amateur photographers still take the time to equip and train themselves and so are able to show us remarkable work like the astronomy photos below. But it is not an easy thing to do this type of photography. In fact a quick look at the Flickr pools available to photographers of astronomical images quickly shows that this niche requires a lot of dedication and practice – not many images turn out as well as those below!

Below we have found 13 stunning examples of astrophotography (astronomy photos) taken by backyard astronomers – of stars and galaxies, that we think are some of the most beautiful examples of what can be done with a telescope, camera and some know-how from anyone's backyard. Please feel free to link to any other examples of great backyard astronomy photography in the comments.

If you would like to achieve results like these without spending a fortune on gear, then you might like to check out Milky Way Master by the folks over at Expert Photography. Well worth a look.

astrophotography by jeremy thomas

photo by jeremy thomas

astrophotograph by teddy kelley

photo by teddy kelley

stars from canyon

photo by mark basarab

photo by greg rakozy

milky way above castle

photo by manolo franco


photo by jacob dyer

astro by skeeze

photo by skeeze on pixabay

photo by felix plakolb

oregon astrophotography

photo by teddy kelley


photo by nathan anderson

photo by Clarisse Meyer

photo by jeremy thomas

photo by skeeze on pixabay

Don't forget to take a look at how to get shots like these with Milky Way Mastery.

Other Astrophotography Photography Resources:


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  • Ade Martin says:

    Astounding photographs. I always thought this quality was the province of Nat Geo. Well worth a Digg 🙂

  • robert says:

    can someone explain how it was possible to take those photos? Do you need a special lense?
    rob @

  • Maverick S. says:


  • amazing. wish I had the internet when I was a kid in the backyard with a telescope

  • Glad you guys are enjoying the photos! Don’t forget to take a look at the Flickr pool – there are some breathtaking shots there.

  • Alan Riaso says:

    I have a Canon 350d and would LOVE to learn how to take pics like this. Believe me I have no problem putting in the time and effort. I have tried many times to photograph the orion nebula but always end up with a purple blob with my 300mm/tripod/rc. 🙁

    The resolution these guys are getting is mind blowing.

    I am all over those primer/tutorial links. Thanks so much for this post!

  • Beautiful space photos. My favorite has always been the Andromeda galaxy.

  • mulberrycat says:

    Those pictures are mind boggling. What makes all the crazy colors?
    Thanks for posting.

  • eric says:

    great set! One photo is mislabeled as Andromeda “Nebula”.

  • @alan – glad you enjoyed. If you do a Google search, you should be able to find a few more tutorials on astrophotography.

    @mulberrycat – the colors are enhanced in the processing phase. My (poor) understanding of these astronomy photos is that the process assigns colors based on heat signature. Could be (very) wrong n that though.

    @eric – thanks for picking that up – I will fix that.

  • Mosca says:

    @robert, yap… you would need something like a telescope instead of a traditional lens

  • Cain says:

    Wow, cheers for putting my Milky Way pic up here with the others. I have post on my blog on how I processed it if anyone is interested.

  • @Cain – thanks for stopping by! Awesome work on that photo by the way. I have just edited the post to include a link to your post on photographing the Milky Way. Thanks for letting us know about it!

  • Josh says:

    Wow, that one shot of Andromeda taken with a Canon 350D is incredible! I never knew you could do so much with an entry-level DSLR

  • @josh – check out some of the links to the tutorials – you might be pleasantly surprised. 😉

  • Tim says:

    Just an FYI, the Skynews link (Starting Out in Astrophotography) at the end of the article has changed. It’s now located at

    Great photos…one day I’ll be taking photos like these! 😉

  • robert says:

    can someone explain how it was possible to take those photos? Do you need a special lense?
    rob @

  • urineone says:


  • lipodids says:

    Niksspam 3 Absolutely with you it agree. In it something is also idea good, agree with you.


  • Super photo, as are all the rest in this beautiful gallery. Just phenomenal photography – super work!

  • Ziad says:

    Great photos indeed! I’m an amateur astrophotogropher myself. You can check out my photos (and learn some about astrophotography) on my website:, or on my flickr page:

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