High Key Lighting And How To Set It Up

There is a huge difference between shooting in natural light and shooting in a studio because, in a studio, one has full control over lighting. Although it is not always easy to achieve the lighting you are looking for, you can experiment and change the way the lights are set up until you get the desired results. Here are some tips on setting up high key lighting!

Ten Rules For Your Photographic Life

Rules, rules, nobody likes rules, so for the moment let’s just re-title this article Ten Guidelines For Your Photographic Life. Guidelines are good, they point us in the right direction without making us obliged to use them. For example, I prefer the term compositional guidelines rather than compositional rules, it gives me the option to […]

7 Tutorials For Easy Photography Hacks And DIY

Photography and the technology involved are constantly evolving with new equipment and accessories being added for creative photography. It is not possible to own every lens, filter and accessory but it is possible to use some photography tricks to capture creative photographs. There are a lot of interesting and cheap techniques that can be used in the place of expensive accessories and in this article we have put together 7 tutorials for easy photography hacks and DIY.

9 Useful Tutorials To Capture Inspirational Stories In Your Winter Photography

Winter photography is something many photographers often shy away from because of the extreme weather conditions and the fear of causing damage to gear. Some photographers even lose motivation during the colder months and prefer to stay warm indoors as the days are considerably short depending on where you live. In this article, we have put together 9 tutorials that will help you to discover new ways to practice your photography and stay motivated during the winter season.

Auto Modes And Exposure Compensation

Real photographers only shoot in manual mode. I am guessing there is a pretty good chance you have had that said to you at least once in your photographic journey. Here’s the thing, they are wrong, very wrong.  Real photographers use all the tools available to them in order to get the shot. If the […]