Freelensing Or Lens Whacking: How To Use It For Creative Photography

Freelensing technique is also called lens whacking and this technique can be used to also create tilt shift effect and hence this also has another name called poor man’s tilt shift lens. When freelensing, the plane of focus is no longer parallel to the image sensor of the camera but is tilted depending on how the lens is being tilted. In this article, we will look at how to use freelensing techniques for creative photography.

8 Tutorials For Trick Photography

Trick photography is a genre where the photographer can use special effects, techniques, tricks when capturing the photograph and making them look like they were manipulated, while they are not. All you need is a good understanding of exposure, how the camera works, use some tricks, techniques and creativity to capture photographs that stand out. Here are 8 useful tutorials that will help you to improve your skills in trick photography.

How To Get A Black Background In Photographs

If you have a good understanding of light, know how to control light and have a good knowledge of using your camera, then you will be able to make brilliant images that stand out against a black background, even if you have not used a black background.
In this article, we will look at the different ways on how to get black background in photographs. You can use one of the techniques or a combination of them to get the desired results.