4 Fun Ways To Show Motion In Your Photos

How about learning something different this time, such as ways to show motion in photography? Photography places great importance on stillness. It’s one of the concepts most relentlessly drilled into the minds of burgeoning photographers. We’re all shown photos of fantastically sharp images and told that is what we should strive for. When it comes […]

4 Ways to Put The Fun Back Into Photography

When I first started thinking about this article, the original title was going to be “has photography become too serious?” On reflection though, I felt that was a little too negative and photography should not be negative, it should be a positive, enabling pastime.  But why did I come up with that original title? Well, […]

Making Your Images Tell A Story

One of the key differences between a good shot and a great shot is that the great shot will tell a story. When we think of a story, we immediately think of a book or a film. A linear journey through a series of events.  But how can we tell a story in a single […]

Five Ways To Get The Best From Your Sensor

More megapixels are better, right? Well yes and no, it really depends on what your starting point is and what you plan to do with the final image. A 6mp sensor is probably not going to be great for fine art images. Conversely, a 60mp sensor is a complete overkill for a webpage.  Despite that, […]