What Is A Gigapan? Carnegie Mellon University Project

Gigapan is one of those technologies that has slowly crept into the collective conciseness of photographers worldwide. From being amazing at the intricate details of massive images of stadiums and crowd scenes, produced by high-end photographers, and with the help of several assistants, today we have arrived now at a point where a Gigapan image […]

7 Best Vintage Lenses For Capturing Dream-Like Portraits

Does a camera lens coated in dust mean that it isn’t a high-quality lens? Today we are talking about vintage lenses for portraits. Modern equipment like a digital camera, has made capturing great photos even easier for photographers. But they can sometimes lack the creative element and feel of vintage lenses. While, there are a lot of filters or editing that can be done to make modern images have a vintage feel, actually using an affordable lens like a vintage lens is the best way to achieve a real vintage style image.