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A Basic Guide to Different Camera Types

With apologies to some of our more advanced Light Stalkers, today we are going to give some practical advice to those just starting out in this wonderful hobby of ours. These days, most people getting into photography will probably come from a smartphone. Smartphones are one of the biggest drivers of the expansion of photography. […]

Photography Flashback: Do You Remember Flashcubes?

Gone are those days when photography was not only a rare profession, but also a dangerous one. By dangerous, I mean, photographers have taken risks enough to lose their lives or survived with very bad injuries and disfigurement! So what was the reason? It was theĀ use of artificial light for photography and photographers had to […]

The Phantom 4 Pro Review

Just under a year ago, before I got the Phantom 4 Pro, I invested in my first drone, the DJI Phantom 3 4K. I spent plenty of time learning not only how to fly it but also how to get good imagery from it. However, like many of you, I strive to get the best […]