Shutterstock’s New Tiered Royalty Structure Sparks Photographer Fury Upon Contact with the Internet

As David Bowie once sang: “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes/Turn and face the strange/Ch-ch-changes/Don’t want to be a richer man.” And that last part might be ringing a little too true for some long time contributors to Shutterstock who were largely blindsided by the release of a new “tiered” structure for compensation. The new 6-level system rewards photographers who […]

“Sorry, Not Sorry” Wedding Videography Company Refuses Refund After Man’s Fiance is Killed in a Car Crash

Today, we bring you a how-to guide on destroying a business – or any reputation you might have whatsoever. Videographers and photographers often hate to give refunds for cancellations, but sometimes it helps to act like a human first, and a businessperson second. As CBS News is reporting, Justin Montney’s wife-to-be, Alexis Wyatt, was killed […]

Olympus Leaves South Korea

It’s been a tough year for the industry so far, and, while things are slowly coming back around, there’s still a lot of uncertainty surrounding tomorrow. But one thing that is for sure is that Olympus, the Japanese camera company that is continually the subject of rumors, is actually leaving the South Korean market for […]