13 Prom Photography Tips

Ah, prom! Either the most loved or hated day of teens and one of the most anticipated events besides graduation. Such a special evening warrants special photos: keepsakes from their twice (or once!) in a lifetime night. To preserve those memories, we’ll be exploring thirteen short general prom photography tips that will help you capture […]

23 Types Of Portrait Photography You Can Try Today

Portraits can be shot for various reasons – special occasions, events, business, professional work, portfolio, or even for creative purposes, fun and hobby. They can be shot in either artificial or natural light and lit in so many ways depending on the results one is looking for.

If you are looking to get started with portrait photography, or looking for portrait photography ideas, here are 23 different types of portrait photography that you can try today.

How to Take Amazing Travel Portraits

Travel and portraiture are two separate disciplines that can combine to create beautiful images that tell a story. The key to travel photography is capturing the emotions and beauty of a location. Much of that emotion and beauty is created by the people that live there. Our job as photographers taking travel portraits is to […]