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The Better Skies Collection

How to improve your outdoor shoot...

With this premium preset collection from Lightstalking, you can process your Lightroom images efficiently with high quality results.


Coming back from an outdoor shooting session, you can sometimes upload your images only to find a lot of washed out skies with boring colours!
It happens a lot on outdoor shoots – especially if you have people in the shot that you are trying to expose correctly. If one aspect of your photograph is exposed correctly, the other likely isn't - frustrating, we know.

Well, these presets allows you to see the starting point to enhance good skies and sometimes even rescue bad ones in an instant. They'll at least get you started on creating the look YOU want.

These 10 stunning presets will help you achieve those outdoor summer looks you're after:

  • Basic Blue
  • Blue Boost (1, 2, 3 and 4)
  • Blue Skies Gradient Enhancement
  • Dreamy Blue 2
  • High Contrast Blue Boost 2
  • Vintage Blue (Cool)
  • Vintage Blue (Warm)

Here are examples of the individual presets applied to the original image:

Original image

With one of the presets selected to give it a tweak

Original image

You can see from these preset examples, they don't "overdo"your images. They give you a great idea for how your skies could look and still retain 100% control over the final outcome of your images.

Remember, these presets won't provide a "quick fix" but will provide you with the tools to create a beautiful starting point with which you can design your own individualized images.

You've taken the first step by utilising the power of Lightroom, we're offering you the next logical step with a Lightstalking preset pack.


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Simply put, our presets will help you become a more creative photographer!