Bruges Raw – How to Take a Photo from Raw to Ready for Stock



See the exact steps to make a RAW file ready for stock submission using Adobe Lightroom.

From Original RAW Image to a Saleable Stock Photograph

Stock agencies remain a pretty hard nut to crack for a lot of photographers from amateur through to pros. The process of creation and submission can be a little daunting.

Sometimes it comes down to basic things like inadequate post processing or plain old poor shot selection.

The truth is that you need to be a very technically proficient photographer to consistently produce the standard of photograph demanded by stock photography agencies.

Totally done in Adobe Lightroom!

Did you know Light Stalking writer, Jason Row, is a professional stock shooter?

Jason's images have been sold by these agencies (among others):

You’re probably already familiar with his work and learnt a lot from him – he has written hundreds of articles on this very site as well as shared hundreds of his own images and has remained one of our most popular educators here for over 5 years. His images have been seen everywhere from magazine covers to corporate ad campaigns.

After the popularity of Jason's first video showing how he takes a shot all the way through the process to submitting it to a stock agency, we decided to turn this into a series.

The Guaranteed Way to See Everything That Goes Into a Submitted Stock Photograph!

"We had so much positive feedback on Jason's first stock photography video, that we decided to create a series detailing different types of photographs."

Rob Wood

Editor at Light Stalking

Full video and commentary of every step!

1. How to Edit a Well-Shot Photo to Sit Among Those of Professionals

2. How to Prepare Your Image So It Will Be Accepted Smoothly

Of course, being that Jason literally hit record and laid out the whole process, you will learn a lot more besides. This video shows you exactly how he takes an ordinary landscape raw file, edits it in Adobe Photo Raw and Photoshop and exports it so that it is ready for submission to a stock agency.

The whole Lightroom process is laid out for you!

You probably already have a few shots in your collection that you could apply this process to, so jump in and take a look at this very useful video.

In this comprehensive video, you will see:

1. How to prepare a raw file for stock submission

2. Every edit that went into making this image pop for an editor

3. EXACT settings in Adobe Lightroom used

4. The exact keywording strategy used to ensure maximum sales of this image

5. And so much more!

What Photographers Said About Jason's Last Video:

“Anytime you can look over the shoulder of a professional photographer and follow their thought process and how they bring a photo to life in post processing is priceless! “

Belinda Davis

Member: Frogdaily

“The Antarctic Raw video is brilliant.”

Diane Kidd

Member: Tersha

Take the mystery out of professional stock submissions!

This is your chance to learn every component that goes into a successful stock submission of a photograph

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can any photographer benefit from this guide?

Yes, this guide is perfect for both beginners and more advanced photographers who want to know the entire creative process of creating a published image.

Can I watch this on more than one device?

You are free to watch the guide on any device you like. iPad, iPhone, Android, Desktop – anything. Log in any time and watch it wherever you want!

How do I get the video?

The video will be available in your “Studio” on the Light Stalking website once you make your purchase. You can return to watch it at any time.

Does it come with a money-back guarantee?

Yes! We are positive that after you see Antarctic Raw, you will be completely satisfied with your purchase. But if you aren’t, then contact us with 60 Days for a full and unconditional refund!

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