37 Photos Of Sunsets To Inspire You

Sunset photos can be incredibly inspiring and captivating due to their natural beauty, vibrant colors, and the emotions they evoke. Here are some aspects of sunset photography that can inspire you: To get started with sunset photography, consider exploring different locations, experimenting with camera settings, and practicing your skills. The key is to capture the […]

Freelensing And Unusual Closeups – Don’t Miss Our Latest Update

Are you ready for some optical creativity? This week’s challenge comes with a pretty interesting theme, FREELENSING! Freelensing is a photography technique used with interchangeable film-based and digital lens systems. It is achieved by detaching the lens from the camera and using it hand-held in front of the lens during exposure. Enjoy this fun selection […]

How Pareidolia Can Be Used For Creative Photography

This strange phenomenon, perception or interpretation, called pareidolia can be taken to a photographer’s advantage to create intriguing images that can arouse curiosity. You can make a photo collection of all the pareidolia experiences and even create an album. In this article, we will look at what pareidolia is, some information on how it is caused and how you can take this to your advantage for some creative photography!