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A Fond Farewell to a Photographer Friend

Photography is a discipline best enjoyed with friends, peers, colleagues or acquaintances who feel a similar passion for photography as we do. On this occasion, I want to express my deepest opinion on this beautiful insight. In a country, El Salvador, where the academic offerings for photography are quite scarce, photographers must find ways to nurture […]

Exploring the Beauty of 10 Photography Genres

I love portraiture. Taking photos of expressions, movements, and spontaneous reactions fills me with childlike excitement. This was the only genre I focused on when I first discovered photography, but when I began to experiment with other types of techniques, perspectives, and concepts, my artistic self discovered a whole new world. There, I found more […]

5 Incredible Photography Collectives Every Photography Enthusiast Should Follow

Photography can be more enjoyable when the common social dynamic of “Groups” takes place. The night before he died, the 19th-century French mathematician Évariste Galois postulated a very interesting definition of “groups” – and even though he was certainly referring to math, his definition also applies to photography collectives. “A group is composed of members, […]