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Vitec Acquires Lowepro and JOBY

The world of photography equipment and photography accessories became smaller on September 25, 2017 when Vitec Group announced its acquisition of JOBY and Lowepro from DayMen Group in a press release on its website. Vitec Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of camera and photography accessories. Vitec Group’s “activities comprise: design, manufacture , […]

5 Ways to Make Money Working as a Photographer this Month

If making money working as a photographer is new to you, you might feel intimidated, even terrified. It’s easy to imagine yourself failing miserably and ending up with unappreciated hard work. What’s the point in trying if millions of others are doing the same thing? While failed attempts are inevitable, there are many opportunities – […]

How to Build a Successful Online Presence on 500px (By Somebody With Over 170,000 Followers)

Two years after discovering the wonders of photography, I joined an online community called 500px. Unaware of its potential, I posted inconsistently, though I often found myself swooning over talented photographers whose online success was beyond impressive. Other than absorbing ideas and fascination, however, I didn’t do much in the community. I was just another […]

How to Get Your Photo on a Book Cover

When I discovered the world of books at a young age, I was positively overwhelmed by the beauty of covers. In the childrens’ section, most books were adorned by vibrant illustrations and sketches. The covers that really caught my attention, however, were photographs of people, nature, and abstract worlds that resided in the library’s adolescent […]

5 Quick Tips for Your Photography Website in 2017

As the photography industry gets more and more competitive, photographers need to become better and better at establishing themselves as “go to” experts. A huge part of how that is done is through their professional website. For that reason, we wanted to go over a few things that we see photographers doing that are great, […]