Old School Set – Vintage Lightroom Presets

The Old School Collection

Want your images to reflect times gone by? With this premium preset collection from LightStalking, you can process your Lightroom images faster with high quality results from the film-era.

For certain shoots a photographer will want to take their images back a few years and create a more vintage "film" look. Combining those imperfect effects and color casts really can create a cool scene in a photograph. By looking through old shots, we've created this collection to provide you with the tools you need to create the feel you want from your images. Think of these presets as a starting point because they really "shine" when you add your own mojo to them. Consider them a beginning for your own creativity.

These 10 stunning presets will help you achieve those old school film looks:

  • A Day in the Sun
  • Antique Dreams
  • Blue Moon
  • Cherry Cola
  • Copper Age
  • Fading Memory
  • Goldrush
  • Instafilm
  • Nostalgia
  • Prairie View

Here are the examples of the individual presets applied to the original image:

Original image

With one of the presets selected to give it a tweak

You can see from these preset examples, they don't push your images too far to deliver "overdone" looking photographs. They provide the modern & alternative feel you're after. But remember, these presets won't provide a "quick fix" but will provide you with the tools to create a beautiful starting point with which you can design your own individualized images.

You've taken the first step by utilizing the power of Lightroom, we're offering you the next logical step with a LightStalking preset pack.

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