Rabari – Encounters With the Nomadic Tribe by Mitchell Kanashkavich

Rabari – Encounters With the Nomadic Tribe by Mitchell Kanashkavich

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Ever wondered if professional photographers were holding something back when they talked about how they got the shot?

Do you have a solid technical understanding of your camera and how to take a good travel shot, but lack the examples you need to take your photography to that next level?

Many of us have that understanding, but need that extra bit of practical guidance to get our photographs from good to great (or even “award winner” or magazine cover!).

We know our camera, we know our subject, but we can't quite get that pop in the photos that we know is possible.

It's at that point, direct and detailed examples are almost a necessity to get to that next step. But finding them can be quite tricky.

Some photographers even actively keep their techniques a secret.

So what can you do?

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Would you like to virtually watch over the shoulder of a professional photographer as he conceives, shoots and edits these published and award-winning shots?

What you really need is quality, detailed examples of each step that you can replicate in your own photographic workflow.

To get to that next step, you need the full story on:

  • conceiving the shot
  • detailed lighting diagrams
  • exact equipment used
  • exact edits done in Lightroom and Photoshop

And That's Why We've Partnered With Mitchell Kanashkavich to Bring You:

Rabari – Encounters With the Nomadic Tribe

The Guaranteed Fastest Way to Learn EVERYTHING That Goes Into a Published Travel Portrait

This is your chance to peer over a professional travel photographer's shoulder, conceives, shoots and as he uses Lightroom to transform his shots.

Dan Bailey

''For photographers who are interested in travel and/or portrait photography, Rabari is an excellent workshop in a book. It’s not every day that you get a chance to go behind the scenes with an active working pro photographer, let alone one as accomplished as Mitchel Kanashkevich.''

Have you even been in this situation when shooting portraits or even travel photographs?

You spend thousands on getting to an exotic location or days setting up a portrait shoot near home for your friends or family. You take the best gear you can afford. Everything goes off without a hitch.

But you get home to do some processing and…..


All of your shots don't quite have the punch you were looking for. They don't quite stand up to the image you had in your head before you started the shoot.

The photos are just plain disappointing

It's NOT Your Fault!

Truth is, you probably already have 90% of what you need. You probably own a good enough camera, you probably have your shot selection reasonably good. You probably did most things right. You just need those few extra tweaks that produce the wow factor. Those trade secrets that so few photographers will share with you. Until now…

Mitchell leaves nothing in the tank with this guide.

Each of the ten examples in Rabari – Encounters With the Nomadic Tribe has gone on to either win awards or be seen in magazines (including the cover of the prestigious Geographical magazine from the Royal Geographical Society). Here Mitchell shows you exactly how he did it.

In this comprehensive downloadable guide, you'll discover:

  • How to create amazing images – edit your photos like a pro, fast and with just a few simple techniques
  • How to choose the best subjects at the best time for those portrait images that pop
  • The EXACT lighting setup used (lighting diagrams included)
  • The exact camera gear used by Mitchell for this project (hint: it's probably worse gear than yours, yet all of these images went on to be published or win awards)
  • And so much more!

Just a small selection of the information you can expect in Rabari!

Mitchell Kanashkavich – “Why I wrote this guide.”


When I was considering writing the e-book, I asked myself the question; if one of the photographers whose work I really enjoyed let me get into his/her head, to gain a deep understanding of his/her creative process in a practical manner, would I be interested in seeing that information in some shape or form?

The answer was a big “yes.” So, this is an e-book which I basically wish I found someone else produce, because I’d be interested to read it.

– Mitchell Kanashkavich

What Photographers Like You Are Saying:

Jeffery Saddoris

“I shoot with a Nikon D300, so to see Mitchell make gorgeous images like these, using a Canon 400D (XTi), consumer-grade lenses and a 5-in-1 reflector is absolutely inspiring and really does reinforce that vision and purpose make the photograph.”

Daniel Nahabedian

“…incredible value and offers tons of “a-ha!” moments to those starting in the field of documentary and travel photography. It takes you deep into a photographer’s mind to show you how to take engaging environmental portraits.”

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YOU be the judge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

“Can any level of photographer benefit from this guide?”

Yes, this guide is perfect for both beginners and more advanced photographers who want to know the entire creative process of creating a published image.

“How do I get the guide?”

The guide is delivered in pdf format so you can download it and read it on any device (PC, Mac, iPad, Phone – anything).

“Can I read this on more than one device?”

We do not put Digital Rights Management (DRM) software on our guides so you are free to put the guide on multiple devices. iPad, iPhone, Android, Desktop – anything. Read it wherever you want!

“Does it come with a money-back guarantee?”

Yes! We are positive that after you read Rabari, you will be completely satisfied with your purchase. But if you aren’t, then contact us at any time for a full and unconditional refund!

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Hundreds of photographers from around the world have used this course to improve their Portrait photography.

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