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    Laurie Brown
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    Walter Lustig

    I think you got carried away with the subject you wanted to photograph and then again in the post-processing.

    From the small size, I would have never seen the ski jump and chair lift … thought it was another cement factory or alike … only got the idea when reading yr text.

    It all looks pretty much out of focus … too much dark foreground taking up almost 1/3 of the height, then a light patch – the lake with no detail, no interesting reflections, only empty space – again almost 1 third. Only then we get to what your main subject seems to be …

    Could you provide us with a high-res version pls?

    I also don't know whether the portrait format is the best choice here …

    BTW, your watermark is flushed with the left edge of the image … looks like having been cropped after placing the wm … I think it would be better if it was an equal distance from whatever edge it is flushed with

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    The water in front could have worked pretty well if the building were reflected in it and the black zone to the right were gone. I am thinking a reflective band of water with building in it, then a black band of land and building then a light band of sky. Kind of like a sideways Rorschach test.

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    Suheil unneen

    I too like the toning. My main issue is the focus. Nothing is very sharp.

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