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    Taken at the local Kumeu Show, a short distance from Auckland, NZ. The guy shown at the front was the winner here and also the overall winner.

    Settings were f4.0; 1/4000 sec; 70 mms; ISO360

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    Maureen Photograph

    Great action shot with the flying woodchips, and the line of his muscular arm!  Gee you guys really know how to have fun, I've never been to a chainsaw competition.

    I would maybe up the contrast a little bit.  Also I'm a bit disturbed by the aspect ratio which is 10 x 8.6.  You might consider a different crop to get it to 10×8, or to square as I've done below.  I do miss the second fellow in the square, though.


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    Tom M

    I think the crop was right the first photo. You lose the idea that it is a competition by eliminating the 2nd guy…


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    Much prefer the original crop and would lose the over heavy vignette if the point of the shot is to show it was a competition. Overall a great action shot very nicely processed.

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    Thanks guys, yes, I do want the competition aspect to be part of the story.  You are right about the vignette, billy.  Here I have (easily) adjusted to get this result – much subtler don't you think?  Now I start to be concerned about the bright, almost circular piece on his trouser leg – I must dull that down a tad.

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    I like the adjustments you made Jim.  I'm only posting this version in the event you think of using it with an advertising angle…

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    Roger Wehage

    WoW! I own two Stihl chain saws, and mine would have made a 2cm dent in that log about the time that hotrod finished. I'm not sure who'd use a saw like that to cut some firewood. Great show!

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