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    Felipe Arias

    This is a picture I took in NY. There was very low light so I had to use a high ISO (3200). Despite that I like the grainy look it has because I wanted to show the wall's texture and the mood expressed by the characters. Any comments are welcome!

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    Walter Lustig

    Is that the cook from before? 😉

    I like it. The grain only becomes visible when blowing it all the way up.

    I would try toning down that white wall and keep the light area confined to the doorway and the inside part … otherwise not a bad street shot.

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    Felipe Arias

    It is a different cook, but I notice they pretty much look alike. I will try toning down the wall. Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it @fidelito

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    I think you have drawn the eye exactly where you want it, but when I look at it at full size, I get really distracted by the grain.

    Reduce the grain significantly, and I think you'll have a very respectable photo.

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    I like the idea and the composition but I think the grain is too much. Have you tried using sofware called DFINE? It lets you adjust the noise manually or automatically in an image. This image might benefit from a little less grain.

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    I don't find the grain a problem unless viewed at 100%, which there is no need to do. At full screen, it works well, like an older black and white negative. I think I would try pulling the white wall brightness down a bit, but I am not sure it needs – I would want to see before and after. I like the way it balances the blackness of the door to the right and am not sure that door open to the kitchen would do that job on its own. Great shot though, not much to offer on this one.

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    Felipe Arias

    Thank you very much for your comments @admin , @caimi , @ehpem . I will certainly keep them in mind!

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    Lynne Mass

    I like the grain everywhere except in the doorway and on the men's faces and bodies. I, too, would tone down the white wall.

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