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    Jeff Horton

    I know cats are pretty clique' but sometimes it is just hard to pass  them over. Actually was looking back at old photos knowing my processing skills are much better and ran across this from two years ago. Thought I would toss it out in the tank.

    High ISO and low light.



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    Cute, Jeff!  To the upper left there is a white circle which I would burn out plus the lighter small rectangle to the very upper left and the bigger rectangle centre-right.   Otherwise very nice.

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    Definitely agree with burning the highlight on the handle Jeff.

    Only one minor thought would be to clone out the one eye lash/brow to the left of the camera right ear.

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    Hi Jeff…………this image could really draw me in,but it doesn't,just a snap.

    Straighten,crop and concentrate on whats interesting would transform.

    Imagine hanging on a wall and drawing in the viewer.

    Head and eyes rule…..just leave in enough to balance…..course the bright spot has to go.

    less is often more! 🙂


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