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    Robert Apple

    A lady whose name no one can remember took this photo in Buffalo Last 2 years ago. They just announced the dates today.

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    Love the shot! 🙂

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    John Thompson

    Thanks Robert!  I am still struggling with the fact that A&E had this series and did not continue because it “did not fit their demographic target”, ie old folks buzz off.  Now we have the final season and I wonder if the move from A&E to Netflix is what did it in because of the change from broadcast to streaming.   My family really enjoyed this series and we would text each other when it was on so no one would miss it (we are spread across the country).

    I like this image as well.  To me it says a lot.  Again, thanks Robert.

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    Robert Apple

    It's a pretty big deal in this community and the biggest tourist draw with the largest economic impact. Got to hear some inside gossip at the Chamber of Commerce and it really comes down to the actors wanting to move on to other projects. Meaning ones that pay better from the inference. A&E dropped it because of monetary demands by the actors. They say not all the actors are involved. But like I said, Gossip. Not much on television I enjoy watching, but this was one I did and do.

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    Another Aussie actor pretending to be American. 😉

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    John Thompson

    Robert thanks for the update.  That makes more sense than the “demographic” reason I read about a few years back.

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