Hold the Thief

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    Erik Fransman

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    Kent DuFault

    OKAY!! What's the story behind this???? 🙂

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      Erik Fransman

      It's not my photo. My wife plucked it from the internet, so we have to make up our own stories. Just liked the image, Photoshopped or not.

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    I saw this image on a couple of other websites and found/thought it was very interesting.  Once I expand/enlarge the image in the browser, I'm left wondering how valid it is versus how well ‘photo shopped' it is.

    One reason is – stopping the propellers, which requires a very fast shutter speed; although plausible with the bright blue sky.

    2nd – little or no damage/harm to the eagle from the propellers. There are four (4) of them after all in close proximity to each other so one could/would imagine at least a few feathers flying.

    3rd – it's my belief it it was in fact an eagle/hawk attacking in mid-flight, it's claw would be -wrapped – around the drone, vice appearing to be resting on it. Or at a minimum, the claw would still be – wide open – as it ‘grabs/catches' the drone.

    With all that said, I still find it an interesting photo.

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    Rob Eyers

    WOW. Great moment Erik!

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    Federico Alegria


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