Lily Pond

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    Graham Hart

    Finally got some time to go take some snaps. This is part of a huge indoor lily pond in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens.

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    Kent DuFault

    I like it. Nice use of Minimalism.

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    Robert Apple

    Love the dark Background on against the leaves.

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      Graham Hart

      Thanks Robert. Had to darken the BG because there were too many ugly obstacles visible on and under the water like hoses but mainly reflections of the roof structure everywhere. Very distracting.

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    John Thompson

    Perfect background to juxtapose colors Graham.

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      Graham Hart

      Thanks John. As I mentioned to Robert, what was initially a desire to get rid of distractions turned out to be a boost to the juxtaposed minimalism of the pic.

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    Tom M

    I like this mucho, Graham, just for the simplicity…


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    Erik Fransman

    Hi Graham, I like it too. I probably would never make an image like this myself. I probably would just miss it if I saw it.

    I know it's not the ST but I think it might work even a bit more minimal if you work some more on the dark BG. There are quite some smudges in the water.
    Something like this:

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      Graham Hart

      Thanks for spotting this Erik. Much better. To be honest, I didn't really spot this image myself until I got home and noticed how distracting the reflections in the water were. It was only then I decided to darken the reflections out and subsequently discovered a rather pleasing minimalist picture. If nothing else, it says something about realsitic vs creative photography I think. Both have their place. Here's the original;

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    Anne Hornsby

    I really like lily pad images.  This composition is great, Graham, with the different sizes and angles of the pads.   I like the almost black water against the pads.   I did try pp on this trying to get where Erik got.  I like the lush green and really dark water of Erik's pp.

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      Graham Hart

      Thanks Anne. Seems to be my modus operandi…trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, ‘cos most of my shots are sow's ears!  🙂

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