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    pam sheehan

    web worm2 to post

    I was at the local zoo with my photography group and spotted this “exhibit” on a tree. Spent more time trying to get a good shot of these caterpillars than any other animal that day. While not perfect shot I am considering entering it in the local fair and would be happy to hear your constructive criticism. (Lens Nikon 105mm, f/2.8) Shot f 8.0, 1/100, ISO 400

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    its a pretty nice shot.

    1. My eyes jump directly to the ‘face' of the front worm, and since that's blown out, get a little confused. Almost disappointed, since there is so much sharp detail in the body.

    2. Also, not sure the second work is helping in the composition here. My personal opinion, so that it for what its worth.

    3. the dark spot on the right of the front worm, could use some retouching/removal

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    pam sheehan

    thanks, I didn't notice the dark spot, I'll see what I can do to get rid of it. I was sooooo disappointed the head wasn't in focus on this shot. The silly bugs wouldn't stop “running” 🙂

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    Udell Bodwell

    I agree that the second worm distracts to a degree. Generally, good composition runs in odd numbers such as 1, 3, etc. Nice detail on the body and I do appreciate the effort put into this shot.

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    Pete Douglass

    The line of the left worm leads my eye directly out of the picture to the upper left. the right worm cuts of that corner of the picture with just blank background behind. The lower left corner also is just blank space that doesn't really add anything to the composition. I wonder if you could crop this by rotating it in the cropping frame to allow focusing in on the left worm and reducing the blank corner spaces, especially the lower left. Sorry that it is hard to describe this without drawing a picture.

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    pam sheehan

    Thanks all! I've cloned out the grey spot, done some selective sharpening on the head and made an 8×10 crop that removes much of the background critter and puts what is left into more of background music. Your suggestions have allowed me to make significant improvements.

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    Jerry Cable

    Beautiful shot.

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    pam sheehan

    Thank you, how kind.

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    the crop really helped.. I think I might find out the proper name for this ‘caterpillar'

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    Crop is much better. Looking at the hairs of the caterpillar that are against a darker or coloured background in the upper right where the really fines one are visible makes we wish for a coloured/dark background for the whole thing. Next time!

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    pam sheehan

    I believe he is an Eastern Tent Caterpiller

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