Morning At Arches National Park

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    Morning At Arches National Park

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    I'd raise the shadows quite a bit to expose detail all over and to lighten the clouds a little as they look unnatural as is.

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    I took this photo as an HDR with 7 exposures.  It was entered into an Art Galley photo contest and won first prize by a professional photography judge.  I understand what you are telling me, but to me it looks fine. I know everybody has there own opinion about photos, and what can be improved, and I appreciate your feedback.  Does anybody ever tell you what they like about a photo that is posted on this website?


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      Graham Hart

      Nice pic but I'm with Tobie. The clouds don't look right and the foreground detail is lost in shadow.

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      Well done for winning the contest. It does not change my recommendations one bit, though. It looks spooky and I can not see why you'd want to do that to an otherwise nice shot…

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    Jeff Horton

     Does anybody ever tell you what they like about a photo that is posted on this website?

    Have you read the description of the Shark Tank?    “The Shark Tank * This forum is for constructive, but negative criticism.”

    It's rather rude to post on a photo in a Critique Forum and then argue when someone does exactly what you are asking for.  If you just want to show your photo there are other sections on here for that.

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    Rob Eyers

    Hi ADubin and welcome to Lightstalking. As Jeff has pointed out there are Landscape and Chit Chat forums here also. In those forums members share images they have made or bring up topics of interest. Those forums are more like other places on the web where people share and “like” each others photos.

    The SharkTank forum was created to give honest and respectful critiques. I have not found any other place where one can receive this kind of feedback. I have to admit it was hard at first to leave my ego at the door. I don't always agree with all the feedback I receive but I have found the knowledge and opinions expressed here have helped me improve.

    Since you posted your image in the ST I will give you a few of my thoughts.

    My first reaction was that the rock formations in the distant would be better if they revealed more detail. It may be that the low resolution version you posted here isn't doing them justice but that's all we have to go on.

    I like the overall composition but I keep wanting to see more on the left. That may be do to the bright spot to the right of the foreground tree. If you burn that bright area a bit the image may feel a bit more balanced. I agree with Tobie that the sky looks a bit over processed. Here is a quick edit(because your profile permits it) to show you what I think.

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      Much better version of the scene, @reyers! It still has an HDR-ish look but now it conveys much more info.

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    I think you might have the saturation turned up a bit much.

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      That's the most common issue with HDR shots – if you do not draw the line at a suitable place in PP.

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    Steve H.

    I would assume that this forum respect the some true feedback.

    When I first looked this photo, it gave me some “Wow” feeling. However, I stared on it for long time. I felt the following:

    a) The Sky might might be composited by Photoshop. A cloudy sky should not have  such sunshine onto the rock.

    b) Which part of the object is the theme, the front tree or the back rock? Currently, the ratio was 50:50. For me, I would prefer the Rock as the theme. Then, it would better to have a bigger ratio.

    c) I would try to just trim out the left part of this photo, to have a bigger rock.  Then, using Photoshop to move the tree object in front of the rock but smaller size. The sky would try to use a sunset screen.

    Anyway, just my feedback. This photo is good.


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    Steve H., Thank you so much for your feedback.  I really appreciate, and can try to improve this photo based on what you recommended.  BTW – This was captured as a 7 exposure HDR photo, and process with Photomatix.  Dubin

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    Elizabeth Hazlett

    I agree with the others, the sky is too over processed and the sat levels are too high too. I also kind of want to say the rock in the background may be a bit too bright and the tree in the foreground is a tad too dark for my liking. But overall I like the photo 🙂

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    Erik Fransman

    Well, if a professional jury awarded it the first prize, it must be good.
    Hmm. I respectfully disagree. At least for my taste. For me the overall glow (or softness) does not work.
    I look at the picture and it gives me an overall blurry feeling. Like I have a hangover. For me at least something should have focus (in a picture like this).
    And yes, it is the ST, come and swim with us. Sometimes you get eaten alive and sometimes the sharks are not hungry and they don’t bite. But that mostly depends on the picture presented.

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    Kent DuFault

    I have to agree with Erik. It's not the composition or the lighting in this shot that is bad. It's the processing that is less than desirable. My personal opinion is that the processing should never overshadow the subject, and that's what is happening here. When I look at this I don't see a beautiful landscape captured with ideal lighting. I see a soft focus HDR effect, and I don't get past that. There is a lot of HDR out there that looks like this- so… you must take our opinions with a grain of salt. Somebody likes it.

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    Winning a competition does not necessarily prove how good your photo was. It might simply prove how good (bad?) the competition was. Just saying…

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