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    John Thompson

    This is one of the many washes in Lake Mead National Park.  You can see the far side just to the right of the eroded hoodoo and I am standing just inside the near bank taking the image.

    The lake is to the left of the pic.

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    Is this one of those places where it goes from desert to a raging river in about 30 seconds?

    There are some pretty wild videos on Youtube. Would love to be at one of those places to photograph it when it happens.

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    John Thompson

    These are to large for them to behave like that but there are many around that do present a danger during a rainy day.  Red Rock has a few that can be dangerous when it rains.

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    Dahlia Ambrose

    Hi John, lovely image. I like the little puffs of clouds that seem to be sailing away with the wind and loving the textures on the rocks 🙂

    The foreground looks like it has had some damage; is it the result of a landslide or something similar or is it how it is?

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    Rob Eyers

    Nice b&w John. I'll bet it's great in colour too though.

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    John Thompson

    Thank you Dahlia.  This is a huge wash and would only see flows during a 100 tear flood but yes the foreground is evidence of water flow in just such a flood.  These washes have names but I do not remember them any longer.  They will show up in quad maps of the area.  The road dips down into the smaller washes but there are bridges over the larger ones.


    Thanks Rob.  I did not like the color version so I converted it and liked the b&w version much more.

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    Very dramatic shot John! What's a ‘hoodoo'?

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    Graham Hart

    Great dramatic image John. The Hoodoo is very reminiscent of the Great Sphinx in Egypt both in it's profile but also in its weathering. This structure has perhaps been eroded over the millenia?

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    John Thompson

    Thank you Graham.  The erosion on these is very interesting to look at close-up.

    Thanks Diane.  A hoodoo is that eroded thingy sticking up.  Officially it is a ‘ column or pinnacle of weathered rock'.

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    Nice one John. Makes me want to go there and experience it myself.

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    John Thompson

    Tobie I take much of this for granted but the American Southwest and Southern Nevada in particular has many one of a kind sites and scenes that make a visit to remember.

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    Tom M

    Beautiful B&W. I would also like to see the color version…


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    John Thompson

    Thanks Tom.  The color version is flat because the geology around Lake Mead is relatively monotoned.  There are some exceptions as you travel north toward the Valley of Fire.  One area in particular is called “Redstone” for obvious reasons.   Those outcroppings are rich in color and texture.  I have not been out there in some time so mabye it is time for a day trip there and on to the Valley of Fire.

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