Bird Photography at Magee Marsh, The Warbler Capital of the World

Thousands of birders and bird photographers flock to Magee Marsh during May. It’s the Warbler Capital of the World. Warblers, are sometimes referred to as the ‘beautiful little butterflies’ of birds. They delight with their vivid colors and lively attitudes. Magee Marsh provides some of the most up-close views in North America of multiple species of warblers and migratory birds within a short time.

How to Use Facebook and Social Networking to Speed-Feed Your Photography Addiction

It feels pretty cool when a post on a photography Facebook page or other social site receives fast responses of likes, comments and shares. It’s even cooler, when these come from other photographers we respect. While ‘Likes’ don’t pay the bills, they broaden our reach and provide feedback to our work. It’s easy to utilize the power of social networking to complement your photography.