5 Compact Cameras That You Will Enjoy Carrying Everywhere You Go

When mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras burst onto the scene and first hinted at their staying power, the apparent savings in size and weight compared to DSLRs was touted as a major advantage of mirrorless systems.  The thinking was that if you hated having to carry around a bulky, heavy DSLR and lens all the time, […]

Ricoh Exec Predicts That the Pendulum Will Swing Back to DSLR from Mirrorless Cameras in the Near Future

Ricoh has an optimistic outlook on the future of DSLRs. Specifically, the company thinks that consumers will eventually shift away from mirrorless cameras and come back to DSLRs in an assessment that is contrarian to say the least. Ricoh’s General Manager of the Marketing Communication Department, Global Sales and Marketing Center, Smart Vision Business Unit […]