Here Is Your Weekly Update From Our Community

Hi there fellow Light Stalkers, here’s another weekly wrap-up, filled with beautiful photographs from our talented community. Tersha’s latest challenge¬†Get Closer/Fill the Frame gave us some beautiful images that are worth your while, don’t forget to check out our member’s picks (or pics should I say) and of course, offer up your critiques over in […]

Delirious Over Dahlias: Flower Photography Tips

Many avid flower lovers get deliriously, or should I say ‘dahleriously’ giddy over dahlias. What’s not to love? Their colors, textures, lines and curves have been appreciated around the world for centuries. They’re found in pages of magazines, gardens, bridal bouquets, flower arrangements, paintings and photographs. Dahlias were originally recorded in Mexico in the early […]

8 Creative and Easy Valentine’s Day Ideas for Photographing Roses

The gift of a rose or roses is quite romantic and especially topical with Valentine’s Day upon us. Why not cConsider photographing these amazing little beauties too? Photographic prints, metal prints, attachments to an email, canvas art and cards with images of your roses will let you share your passion year round. Let’s explore ideas […]