Behind the Action

Creating Adventure Imagery, Step by Step - A Guide by Dan Bailey

Look over the shoulder of a professional adventure photographer as he shows you exactly how each amazing shot was captured.

Do you ever look at your own photographs and wonder what that key is to take them to that next level? Where people will publish them and study them wondering how you were able to elevate the image to such a professional finish?

What is the Special Ingredient?

Many of us have a solid understanding of photography and our equipment, but lack that one special ingredient. But what is it?

Most of the best photographers in the world had a mentor, somebody who showed them how to grab that shot that elevates the finished product. Who let them look over their shoulder at every step of the process.

And that is what this special guide will help you get.

Read the thoughts of a veteran adventure photography expert as he reveals every step of the shooting process for each of 12 spectacular images – from concept through to execution and even into post-production. If you think that looking over the shoulder of a seasoned professional will help with your own photography (and who wouldn’t!?) then this is the guide you should be looking to get your hands on.

Nothing is left out.

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But Who is Dan Bailey?

Dan Bailey is a professional adventure photographer who has been in the industry for 17 years, before which he worked at a photo stock agency in Boston.

Check out some of his past photography clients!


As you can see, Dan is no slouch. He is an industry veteran whose clients read like a who’s who list of the worlds top adventure brands and companies. When it comes to professional adventure photography, Dan walks the walk.

So What Can You Expect From The Guide?

This 64 page downloadable guide will take you inside Dan’s head as he prepares, equips himself, sets up and executes each of 12 amazing photographs with full disclosure of everything. That means you get:

  • full camera settings
  • full gear list used in each shot
  • detailed descriptions of shooting setup
  • examples of rejected shots (this is very revealing)
  • how post processing was done on each shot

Light Stalking guides are well known for us expecting our photographers to give away EVERYTHING and Dan’s guide does not disappoint!

The contents:



Dan goes into the following topics on each and every photograph in the guide:

  • concept – The ideas behind the image and what he was trying to achieve.
  • gear – An exact inventory of what gear was taken and what was used.
  • light – Dan’s assessment of the light in each situation and what challenges it presented.
  • approach – Dan’s unique style and how he achieves it on each shot
  • execution – What ACTUALLY happened after all the planning.
  • final thoughts – Reflections on what went right (and wrong).
  • post processing – Exactly what was done in the digital darkroom.
  • quick tips – thoughts on how to get these results for yourself

Check out below only SOME of the incredible detail that Dan goes into on each shot.


What They Are Saying About Behind the Action

“Well worth a read if you’re into action and environmental portrait photography.” – Jim Goldstein – Internationally Published Pro Photographer and Author

“If you are interested in learning outdoor adventure photography, this eBook will show you some time tested techniques and methods that you can use to create your own dynamic and exciting images.” – Anne McKinnell – Author and Professional Photographer

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