The Rule of Thirds: The Rule Every Photographer Must Know

The Rule of Thirds: The Rule Every Photographer Must Know

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When it comes to learning photography, there are some rudimentary rules and skills that everyone needs to understand quickly if they are going to start producing great images.

In the world of art and photography, no rule is more fundamental than the Rule of Thirds.

The Rule of Thirds is basically a compositional guide that recommends that any image should be (imaginarily) divided into nine sections by equally spaced vertical and horizontal lines (like a tic tac toe grid). Any major elements within the image should be placed along these lines and preferably at the points of intersection.

Take this photograph for instance:

As you can see, the tree and the horizon, which are the main elements of the photograph, are placed almost perfectly along the horizontal and vertical lines drawn through the image, with the middle of the tree perfectly on the intersection of the lines. This is a textbook example of the Rule of Thirds in photography.

It is important to remember that the Rule of Thirds is really only a guideline. There are many times when it is acceptable to break this convention. For people who are new to photography however, it is a good guide to creating well composed photographs.

Some other image that utilise the Rule of Thirds in their composition:

Rule of Thirds
Photo by Memeory Lane Shots


exploring 'rule of thirds' in Second Life
Photo by Annamorphic


The 7th Rule of Light Club is...
Photo by Son of Jordan


As you can see, the Rule of Thirds can really help – especially with basic composition for basic subjects.

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