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17 Excellent Examples of Narrow Depth of Field

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When I first started to take photography seriously over 10 years ago, mastering depth of field was high on my priority list.  Shooting with a narrow depth of field involves setting your camera lens to the widest possible setting and then focusing on one particular part of the frame.  The stark contrast between in and out of focus portions of the frame concentrating around the subject and relative distance to other things in the frame creates a wonderful, visually appealing, texture enriched image.  In my mind, being able to properly produce a shot with the right depth of field makes the difference between a snapshot and a photograph.  Here's 17 excellent examples of narrow depth of field to give you some inspiration.

Trio of tiny tots

Photo by Dey

Country park 1

Photo by Lewis Walsh


Photo by DonkerDink

Aphid's delight.

Photo by dustin_j_williams


Photo by Jez Page


Photo by gabi_menashe

Buckman Flair Promo

Photo by conorwithonen

Dissolving in Three

Photo by Massics

creatures of depth of field

Photo by edgaa

Technics SL-1200mk2 Turntable

Photo by tricky ™

Bokeh-Festival 1

Photo by Morgennebel

bokeh link fence

Photo by Will Montague

Chess with champagne !

Photo by Mukumbura

New born

Photo by Natalia Romay

Daily Disney - Tea Cups at Night (Explored)

Photo by Express Monorail (taking a break)


Photo by A Moon Man

fountain pen

Photo by [phil h]

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