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Toad Hollow Photography has been busy searching the internet all week for the best links on tutorials, photography and interesting blogs to share with everyone.  A very active week in the world of photography, this list contains some great work from some truly great people.  We hope you enjoy checking out the pages and pictures as much as the Toad did in bringing them to you.

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Menuju Matahari [/url] by anwarsiak, on Flickr


Tabletop Tutorial #2: macro photography using focus stacking – Chris Wray is a top drawer photographer, and in this post he’s put together a great tutorial on a special photography technique, focus stacking.

Yana: Learn How to Create an Awesome WordPress Blog News Theme – an interesting tutorial sure to give everyone some fresh ideas on creating a powerful blog.

Fine Art Images Using Texture Overlays – another powerful and rich article from the studio of Viveca Koh describes the use of texture overlays in the creation of fine art.  A detailed article with many tips on technique, this is sure to keep everyone captivated and teach us all some fabulous techniques to use in our own workflow.

Scenic Outlook – Autumn Approaches – Dave Wares shares a great set of tips and pointers on photography in the Autumn season.  Fabulous photography punctuates the article, giving the reader a great sense of how to go about doing this sort of work.

GoCast #7 – Shooting With Other Photographers – a video piece details some great details on being the prime or secondary photographer on a shoot, well worth the time if you are going to be part of a team anytime in the future.

10 Tip Guide to Getting Started with Street Portraiture – a great piece outlines how to go about producing great street photography.  This fabulous article from Simon Bray gives us tips, tricks and secrets on location, gear, you name it…  it’s here!


A minute of your time, please. – once again, our very own Tom Dinning here at Light Stalking delivers an utterly profound and poignant post accented with some of the best B&W photos you’ll ever see.  Full of drama and emotion, the images are sure to stir something deep in you, and when taken in context of the awesome post accompanying them they are guaranteed to make you pause and reflect.

Ready. To Cruise. The Strip. – an icon of a time now past, this wonderful photo of a specific detail of a car really produces a strong sense of nostalgia.  Cathy Ross captures and processes something absolutely familiar and unique at the same time.

Bolton Emerson Americas: Bolts – straight from the studio of the talented Bob Lussier, we find ourselves taking a close look at a rack of bolts.  Exquisite depth of focus and composition converge to create a truly compelling picture from a rather unremarkable subject under most circumstances.

Out to Sea – this is an absolutely striking photograph of an aircraft carrier at sea.  Chris DeAngelis shares an incredible silhouette of the powerful carrier accented with sun rays beaming down from the sky.

Male Cardinal and Autumn Bokeh – a truly stunning image of a cardinal in a tree, punctuated with exquisite depth of focus creating great bokeh.  Kerri Farley shares another incredible nature photograph, one surely to amaze and delight everyone.

Cliff Living – you have got to see this picture, it’s beyond amazing!  Len Saltiel shares a photo taken of a long abandoned town positioned on the side of a mountain.  Built over 1,500 years ago this photograph really brings home the drama of a site that is full of mystery and history, yet remains in really great condition.

Desert Burst – Chris Frailey shares a wonderful and beautiful picture taken in the desert of a sunburst.  A tip is also included, for those who might wish to emulate this style of photography.  Absolutely dramatic and gorgeous results are achieved here with this picture that will bring a smile to everyones face.

Willis Tower – also known as the Sears Tower in Chicago, this black and white architectural study from the studio of CJ Schmit really delivers all the drama of the setting.  Great composition with the power of a brooding sky high above the high-rise come together to deliver a picture that is very powerful and compelling.

Great Blue Heron – a dramatic and emotional black and white photograph of a heron.  Aaron Barlow shares a wonderful photo that uses an old wheel as an element of interest for the foreground, this is a great photograph.

Wishing Makes It So – we’ve got a great sky, we’ve got fabulous lines from the dock and we’ve got incredible reflections here, folks!  What an amazing photograph from the studio of Barbara Youngleson.

Stations – once again we look inward for this set of photographs, right here in our very own Light Stalking forums!  Our very own @astaroth shares a series of photographs taken in a train station.  Great lines and details provide interest in these pictures, and the processing is very sympathetic to the subjects, creating really compelling photographs.

Two Fabulous Days in Avignon, France – Europe is fabulous for photographers, and one of the highlights there has to be a visit to France.  Lee Brown takes us on another journey together, sharing a few just stunning photographs from the region.

Single White Egg – another fabulous piece from Terry Border shows off his style of art with the clever use of wires.  A dramatic piece, this photograph is of his art but also stands alone as a great picture.

Campanile View – a sprawling city awaits the viewer, rich in details and textures.  Len Saltiel continues to amaze us with his fabulous landscape photography, and this picture is a lovely example of such.

Emotional Larque – add a ton of drama, a dash of color and a cannon in just the right spot, and you’ve got the perfect subject for the camera of Gareth Glynn Ash.  Really great colors in the sky add a topping of sweet cherries to the cake here, well worth a bite!

Captured Time – this absolutely amazing macro shot of a truly incredible pocket watch is shared with us from the studio of Chris Wray.  Really great details accentuate the exquisite lighting which produces an absolutely compelling image.

Mockingbird Profile – a truly incredible portrait of a Mockingbird from Kerri Farley!  Great details in the close-up really are wonderful, adding so much interest to the photograph.



Ooohh.. what's that? Explored!! [/url] by kmkeshav, on Flickr

Grizzly – a photograph of a young Grizzly bear in action as he hunts for salmon in the river.  Great nature photography has this innate ability to really compel with a split-second freezing of action, and in this case Buck Shreck really captures an astonishing image!

Week 30 & 31 of HDR Project – Seattle & Snoqualmie Tunnel – Seattle skylines and abandoned tunnels make for an awesome post.  Great use of HDR techniques really add some dynamic range to these images, making for a truly enjoyable set to take in.

Waiting – interpretation of an image is a personal thing, but when you get a chance to view an absolutely incredible set of photos that are combined with great writing, the interpretation can take on a whole new meaning.  This is another just incredible, thought-provoking and profound post from the studio of Tom Dinning, sure to make everyone pause and reflect.

Office Space- An HDR Collaboration – a fabulous HDR collaboration by some of the leaders in the field produces a set of compelling pictures.  Each unique in it’s own way, through the vision of the respective artist, this series is absolutely amazing and well worth the time to view.

Cherohala Skyway in Tellico Plains, TN – a truly amazing photograph that is wonderfully composed and framed from the studio of Jerry Denham.  A strong fence line creates a leading line to guide the eye through the frame, producing a wonderful photograph.

Indigo Skyline – prepare to be absolutely wowed by this image!  Brian Furbush captures the RFK Bridge and New York City during the blue hour, producing a photograph that has it all going on!  Great reflections, light bursts, shadows and details are all strong elements in this image, sure to delight everyone who checks it out!

Gulf Warmth – Jim Denham shares a truly compelling photo of the Galveston coast-line.  Wonderful colors in the sky merge with fabulous foreground details to produce an image full of drama and interest.

Into The Mist – a wonderful tapestry is woven through the use of incredible photography coupled with great writing in this post.  Dave DiCello delivers an absolutely compelling post that will surely make you hear noises right behind you.

Corpus Christi Cathedral – soft and delicate, full of great details and colors, this awesome architectural study is top drawer!  Jim Nix creates a simply wonderful picture that will keep you mesmerized as you take in all the wonderful, rich elements.

Columbus Skyline – a stunning sunrise photo from Tim McMurdo shares a glimpse of a beautiful city skyline as the sun comes up over the horizon.  The lights twinkle in the buildings contrasting against the gentle tones of the sky converge to produce an image that is just downright gorgeous.

Angel Wings – absolutely amazing, a hummingbird is captured mid-flight by Christina Rollo producing a beautiful photograph.  Perfect depth of focus creates a gentle bokeh effect, really bringing all the drama of nature in action out for all to enjoy.

On Waldon Pond – a subject unlike any other I have ever seen, this purpose-built house for the movie industry creates a truly captivating scene.  From the studio of Neil Kremer, this photograph is something sure to captivate and mesmerize.

Logged In – a setting sun provides beautiful colors and logs in process of being stripped add the drama.  Jimi Jones delivers a powerful and fascinating photograph of a paper mill in action complete with great details.

Sunset at Lizard Point – a wonderful and colorful sunset highlights a community perched on the cliffs of the mainland of Great Britain.  This is an absolutely gorgeous scene, guaranteed to delight everyone.

Sky Fire – the color in this shot is totally mesmerizing, as is the brooding sky on the horizon.  Chris Frailey shares a truly beautiful landscape photograph.  The vibrant sunset produces the colors and Chris is here to capture them to share.

Oasis del Cañón – colorful, detailed and fluid would be some of the words I would use to describe this incredible image.  Straight from the studios of Rich Helmer, this wonderful image is really captivating.



Natures Gazing Ball[/url] by LadyDragonflyCC – Walking Outside & Catching up!, on Flickr

Toco Toucan (Ramphastos toco) – a detailed portrait of a famous bird.  This incredible and sharp photograph of the colorful Toucan will absolutely delight and amaze everyone who takes the time to check it out!

Female Cardinal – another just incredible photograph from the studio of Kerri Farley, this colorful and beautiful bird strikes the most perfect pose.  Sharp, crisp details produce the most striking results, an image so incredible you can almost count the feathers on this incredible bird

Argenton Riverside – now, I am not completely sure that this is a photograph, or if it’s a painting of a photograph.  What I do know is I absolutely love the scene depicted here, a lovely and quaint little village in France creates a striking image that is just amazing.

Locked – in some cases minimalistic subjects can produce the most compelling imagery.  I personally love doors and any accompanying hardware for photography subjects and Dave Wares delivers a very dramatic black-and-white image that will leave you asking more with this than was answered.

Sunrise at Portland Head – originally commissioned by George Washington himself in 1787, this iconic lighthouse poses a striking figure as the sun begins to rise.  Len Saltiel is there ready with his camera to capture this absolutely stunning photograph and share it with everyone.

Shards – another post from the studio of Jason Hines showcases the remnants of an abandoned dog track.  Shards of glass remain in the windows producing a truly interesting frame of the outside world for this incredible image.

Rocky Raccoon – sure to make you say “oh my God” out-loud, this amazing photograph of a fur-bearing friend is truly awesome.  Edith Levy patiently waits for the raccoon to pose just right and she captures and processes to share with us all the most amazing and wonderful shot of a raccoon I’ve ever seen.

Brush With Fall – awesome colors, details and reflections come together in one great package here with this shot from the studio of Jim Denham.  Perfect composition punctuated by the wonderful colors of the trees as fall begins to set in combine to deliver a truly incredible shot.

Marching Band – candid street photography takes a special touch.  Timing and composition are everything if you want to capture a slice of time with all the emotion present.  Chris Nitz has perfect timing in this shot to capture and process a picture that is full of drama and interest.

Sunset – Mike Victorino captures and shares a truly incredible sunset photo.  Complete with stunning colors in the sky and a very dramatic and compelling reflection in the body of water, this shot is top drawer.

Tahoe Sunrise – a truly minimalistic landscape shot processed in black and white from Mark Gvazdinskas creates a mysterious scene.  The silhouettes from the mountains in the distance provide the drama in this great shot.

Living. In The “D” – Cathy Ross delivers another truly compelling shot taken using Instagram.  The processing and textures applied to this old, what appears to be abandoned, house is way beyond what you would typically expect.

The Waterfront – before you click on this link, and I can’t suggest you do so strongly enough, I really encourage you to remember to breath.  I forgot.  When I came to I was amazed all over again…  a truly, truly amazing panorama shot from the studio of Bob Lussier shows us how this is done and sets a pretty high bar.

Quietly Resting – amazing, absolutely amazing.  Dave DiCello continues to delight us with his series of photographs, this time taken in an iconic cemetery.  Each image can stand on it’s own, but when taken in together as a set, this is a really wonderful body of work.

Fuses & Torpedos – urbex grittiness greets the viewer in this top drawer picture from the studio of Scott Frederick.  If you like worn and weathered textures, this amazingly detailed and interesting image is sure to delight!

Urbex Along the Beeline Highway Part II – sometimes we need pictures to visually share a scene with others, as trying to describe them can be downright impossible.  This UrBex shot from the studio of Kristi Hines really is a great example of this; an abandoned building in rather strange surroundings makes for the perfect subject here.

Vancouver Skyscrapers – shot just across the pond from us here at The Hollow, this photograph of a skyline of Vancouver is astonishing.  There’s even a bird perched on a piling in the foreground, adding a dash of character to an already detail-rich scene.

Red Barn – barns make for great photography subjects, they are rich with character and history.  It’s hard not to think of all the people who used this building over the years, in their daily duties, not really knowing or appreciating how amazing the scene is.  Kerri Farley shares a poignant photograph of one such barn, well worth the time to view.



Dewdrops on a web[/url] by Andreas Øverland, on Flickr

Splash – a wonderful and cheerful photo taken at just the right time presents a truly compelling picture.  Ayie Permata Sari shares a fun photo, sure to delight everyone.

The Morning After – loneliness is the first impression from this evocative piece.  Patric Ivan delivers a stark yet emotionally complete black and white photograph.

New Mexico – every once in awhile you find a photographer that has some pretty incredible work to view, and you find yourself going through a set being wowed by them all. Anna Rumiantseva shares a series of photos taken in New Mexico that really astounded me with their beauty, clarity and composition.

Anna’s Hummingbird Nest Photo Shoot Walkthrough – this one is amazing beyond words.  Be prepared, there are quite a few images to take in with this post and if you’re at all like me, you won’t be able to skim through any of them.  Mike Spinak takes us along on a journey as a nest of hummingbirds start to mature and ready to leave the nest.  Seriously; prepare to be amazed and astonished.

Tellico Lake – Jerry Denham shares another stunning landscape photo, this time of a lake with one of the most fabulous reflections ever.  Gorgeous colors in the sky combined with a stunning composition come together to create an image so compelling, it’s sure to amaze.

Old and New – contrasts make for fabulous photography subjects, and Jim Nix really has found something unique here.  Color, texture and detail are all evident in this image with a fabulous juxtaposition of a new convertible car against the backdrop of an old-fashioned gas station.

Feelin’ Blue – prepare to be amazed, and furthermore this fine art creation from the studio of Jason Hines is a manually blended pair of exposures that produces something utterly dramatic.  Great colors and tones in conjunction with one awesome reflection and detailed landscape find perfect harmony to create this stunning image.

Children and the Creative Seed – a wonderful photograph is only accented by great writing, and this blog post from CJ Schmit really exemplifies this notion.  A great black-and-white portrait of his son in a park shows great raw emotion, and the blog post itself is sure to make us all a little introspective.

Waiting On The Waves – a black-and-white silhouette stands guard on the beach, waiting for the great waves to come in.  Aaron Barlow is there and ready with his camera and vision, and in turn produces a piece of fine art that is both dramatic and compelling.

Blue Hour at the Pier – a simply stunning image taken during the sunset period has great tones and hues, but also the leading line formed from the pier really brings the viewers eye through the frame in fabulous manner!  Len Saltiel shares a wonderful photo, that has quickly become one of my personal favorites of the week.

Masai Mara Giraffe – some photographers have a natural knack for creating just incredible imagery using wildlife as subjects.  David Burstein delivers a wonderful photo of a giraffe taken from a low vantage point, creating a really unique image.

The Red Bridge – showing just enough to create a compelling scene, but leaving just enough out to let the imagination run, this incredible landscape photo from Steve Beal is dramatic and interesting.  Crisp details in the landscape contrasted against the silky effect of rapidly moving water combine to create something that is sure to delight everyone.

NY Through the Lens – New York City Photography – an excited and happy Vivienne Gucwa discusses her upcoming photography exhibit and shares an image of the iconic NY skyline sure to make everyone wish they had taken it.  A truly incredible photo from the studio of a truly incredible photographer.

Seattle Panorama – a stunning night panorama shot of the Seattle skyline makes this image pop right out of your screen.  David Bowden delivers a strong and absolutely compelling photo of this iconic city.

Orangefarbener Horizont – not being able to understand the words in this blog post is not a hindrance at all, this picture posted is just so amazing it stands on it’s own.  Mathias Csader creates and shares a shot both dramatic and colorful, sure to delight all who view it.

Monster Bird (Shoebill) – a great photo of a bird I have never seen before shared by Sam Aminisam.  This great photograph is well composed and full of detail, providing a truly interesting image to enjoy.

Hope Hope Hope – hope springs eternal in this great architectural shot from Thomas Hawk.  Great lines work together with posted signs create an image full of drama and human interest.

Serene Image – Pete Collins shares a landscape photo that contains both a layer of fog and an incredible reflection.  Truly incredible, this image is guaranteed to take your breath away.

Colloseum – a night image of the colloseum in Rome delivers a striking image.  Some of the best colors, textures and details ever present on an architectural photo converge to deliver something absolutely profound.

The Seeds of Today – great colors and details in this beautiful flower from the studio of Kerri Farley.  As winter approaches it’s very nice to be able to see the beauty in flowers, and this photograph is absolutely incredible; well worth the time to view!


Photographing The Streets Of New York 1968-1978 – a black and white expose taken in NYC showcases life as it was then.  Introspectively this piece is sure to make everyone pause and reflect on current life.

Canon 8-15mm F4.0L fisheye lens – industry leader Alex Koloskov shares a great blog write-up and some sample images from this fisheye lens.  Sure to inspire, this post will share tips and tricks about using a lens like this in your work-flow and is sure to be of interest to all photographers, no matter your skill level or style of photography.

Downtown Salt Lake City @Nicolsey ‘s last Photowalk – Part 1 – a great post highlighting and showcasing some of the photographers and work from a recent photowalk in Salt Lake City.  I hope one day to have a chance to participate in one of these as it looks like an incredible opportunity to network with other photographers and to grab some amazing photos.

50+ Awesome Posts on Conversions – a very useful and timely post from Kristi Hines compiles a list of links that give great tips, tricks and clues on how to convert your photography into a money making venture online.

Sleeping Giants: 12 Sky-High Abandoned Buildings – an absolutely incredible set of photos accompanied by the back-story behind the abandonment of the buildings in question.  Each building has a story, and each is compelling in it’s own right.

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