Adobe’s New Tool Using AI to Upscale Video


Adobe is working hard to stay at the forefront of the artificial intelligence revolution.

person holding lens
Person holding lens. Photo by Warren

And that is even at the cost of concerns that AI could put us all out of work one day.

In the meantime, the company is showing off ways in which artificial intelligence can enhance and improve existing media.

Enter Adobe’s AI video-upscaling tech that produces pretty impressive output with fewer digital artifacts and errors than normally generated.

Engadget reports that VideoGigaGAN can upscale up to 8 times, an impressive feat, and it not only produces fewer digital artifacts but also it adds details and sharpness.

There is one caveat that Engadget points out and that is that this kind of technology can’t be used Bladerunner-style for forensic video.


Because it generates those details that we mentioned while upscaling thus altering the original video. For most of us, however, this isn’t really a drawback as few of us will be using the AI-upscaler for that purpose.

Some of the possible uses for this include archival footage preservation and upscaling or even turning a low-res capture into something a little more detailed.

In other words, another tool in our set to deploy whenever we need to do so as creatives.

From creating pictures to videos to music and voices, AI is developing so rapidly that it is not only shaking up traditional media but also concepts of what makes art “art.” As with many of our articles on this subject, this advancement does make us wonder how much one can change something before it is something new or entirely different than it was at the beginning. It is a kind of ship of Theseus argument about how much you can change something but it also makes us wonder if there is some value to low-resolution shots, video, and other “corrections” that AI might start making automatically.

Any thoughts that you might have on video-upscaling via Adobe are welcome in the comments below.

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