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Toad Hollow Photography has been looking all over the internet this week for some of the best tutorials, photography and blogs to share with everyone here.  It's been an active and exciting week, and the list contains some truly incredible works from some of the best photographers.  We truly hope you enjoy perusing this list as much as the Toad did in compiling it.

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[url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/ag2r/6183433212/]just myself[/url] by [url=https://www.flickr.com/people/ag2r/]Angelo González[/url], on Flickr


Photography Tip—How To Mix Flash and Ambient Light for Better Photos – a great article outlining some tips and tricks on how to achieve awesome results.  Definitely well worth the time to read for anyone who’s into photography and lighting.

What the minimum needed to start shooting liquid in motion? – Alex Koloskov shares tips, tricks and inside information of how to produce amazing liquid splash photography.  Alex is an industry leader who’s work is amongst the very best, and his tutorials are some of the best detailed presentations that help photographers of all skill levels improve their craft.

Paintography Example 1 – brief but absolutely mesmerizing, this post is sure to share some tips and tricks with anyone new to this genre.


In The Books – a fabulous set of HDR images taken in Pittsburgh as the baseball season winds down.  This incredible series is punctuated with some architectural pictures, producing a blog post well worth the time to read.

Industrial Waterfall – Steven Perlmutter produces and shares a unique waterfall picture that frames some old mills in the backdrop, creating a unique and compelling image.  Great details and the smooth effect of the running water further add to the character.

Stalking St. Paul’s – a wonderfully composed and framed shot from the studio of Jim Nix really shows a different perspective and the interest this can add to an architectural shot.  Absolutely mesmerizing with great colors and tones, this picture is absolutely incredible.

September 17th – a truly wonderful and colorful night shot of the sky provides a beautiful landscape setting.  A striking image is the end result, sure to delight everyone.

Baddeck, Nova Scotia – a lighthouse stands guardian in Nova Scotia, maintaining vigil to warn all sailors who come near.  Anne McKinnell shares with us a fabulous photograph taken on her adventures.

A New Day Dawns – incredible colors and tones accent this beautiful landscape photo from Jason Hines.  The cropping here really adds to the sense of large scale and the drama of the setting.

I’m not even supposed to be here today! – Sometimes accidental finds are the best, and Tom Baker delivers a absolutely fabulous image here.  Coupled with some entertaining writing, this post has it all going on, well worth the time to visit!

Upside Down – no need to turn your monitor on it’s head, this picture was taken and intended to be this way!  Kerri Farley captures a photograph of a bright red cardinal in it’s natural habitat, enjoying the day.

Zebra – the title says what we’ve got here, but you will have to check this image out yourself.  A stunning portrait of a beautiful zebra that is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Spiderman – another thread just full of awesome photography, right here on Light Stalking!  Our members capture and share a series of very, very creepy spider photos, so beware if you’re queasy.  This set of images is incredibly sharp and detailed, and are absolutely fascinating.

Island Fox – a truly inspiring and wonderful photo and blog post from the studio of Aaron Barlow.  A beautiful fox indigenous to the area is the subject of his lens, and the results are just incredible.

Piano in the Asylum – urbex photography can produce the most striking results, and this is one such example.  An abandoned piano sits stoically in an abandoned facility, providing the perfect subject for Chris Maskell to capture and share.

Storm Clearing – reflections and colors are the words to describe this wonderful photograph from Jerry Denham.  Beautiful and compelling, this picture is a wonderful capture.

Butterfly Chrysalis – a wonderful macro shot from the studio of Kerri Farley shares with us a somewhat rare event of being witness to a butterfly chrysalis.  Wonderful composition and framing really bring all the wonder of this scene to life.

Brooklyn Bridge Dawn, Rosy Fingered – dramatic and hopeful, this picture exudes power in both man and nature.  Mark Garbowski shares a wonderful photograph of the Brooklyn Bridge as the sun rises, producing powerful colors and architectural details.

Jackson Square Silhouette – often it’s not what is shown, but rather what is left to the imagination of the viewer, that produces the strongest imagery.  This silhouette of New Orleans from Jim Nix has all the great elements at play here; fabulous colors in the sky punctuated by great architectural silhouettes.

Checking The Weather – a minimalistic shot with a lot of interest and drama.  This photo of an antique weather barometer is perfectly framed and composed, and Tom Barnett delivers an absolutely compelling picture from this subject.

Catch – who knew a shot of some folks on a pier fishing could be so interesting?  The sun in the background creates a perfect flare in just the perfect spot, creating an astounding image.

In The Wind – a fabulous studio portrait from Rich Helmer delivers a strong and provocative piece.  Great lighting and perfect composition make this picture pop out of the monitor, a must see photo.

A Hundred Million Fingers – the skies open and electricity comes raining down, and raining down hard!  This highly dramatic and emotional capture from Mike Olbinski shares a powerful second in time of Mother Nature and her strength.

Post Your Frog Images Here – anther set of great images makes it’s way to our screens via our very own Light Stalking community here!  Being a pair of Toads ourselves, we have to admit we love looking at family photos.  Check them out.

Low Clouds – one of the most beautiful places on earth is captured by Len Saltiel, Johnson Lake in the gorgeous Banff National Park in Canada.  This image is clear with truly amazing reflections, creating one of the most dramatic landscapes we’ve seen in quite some time.

Boston Backlit – a stunning, stunning cityscape photograph from the studio of Bob Lussier takes us to Boston.  As the sun begins to set on the city, Boston strikes a stunning pose creating the perfect opportunity for great photography.

Morning Reflections Part II – reflections in glass and water can be powerful contributing elements to great photography.  In this absolutely stunning landscape photo, Jason Hines shows us how and why.

Moderately Large Number – once again we find that a fabulous photograph can be made better with an incredible back-story.  This post from Mark Garbowski shares a wonderful image along with some fabulous personal insights that combine to really make for a great blog post.

Layered Sky – simplicity, color and minimalism make for fabulous captures, and this photo post from the studio of Chris Maskell shows us how it’s done.  A beautiful image, complete with all the elements that compel, this picture is well worth the time to view.

Splash Of Magenta – this incredible photograph is punctuated by some of the most beautiful hue of purple I have ever seen.  Straight from the studio of Jerry Denham, this photo is sure to to delight everyone.

Need A Shave? – this picture is astonishing on several levels.  Jim Nix captures and shares a picture filled with drama and interest, taken at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, PA.  Great colors and textures converge to deliver something astounding.

Bullseye – a dramatic, colorful and powerful image showcases the beauty of moving stars in the sky.  A picture guaranteed to make everyone stop and ponder, well worth the time to see.

UrBex Photo – this incredible photo from Mark Blundell shares a glimpse into what appears to be an abandoned house.  Not something that most people get to see on average, this particular photograph is absolutely stunning and captivating.

Marquis de Sade was here… – evocative, compelling, dramatic…  just several of the words that come to mind with this incredible piece from the studios of Jacques Gudé as we get a glimpse into a powerplant in East Germany.

I Could Have Had A V8 – Curt Fleenor shares a fabulous capture of a detail from an early 30’s Ford coupe.  Wonderful colors and tones are complimented with the chrome accents to create something absolutely wonderful.

The Light of Darkness – colorful and crisp images create a fabulous set of HDR photographs.  This series from John Neel is sure to mesmerize all who take the time to view.

Running Water – Three Takes On A Photo – Tom Baker produces some of the most incredible photography you’ve ever seen, and in this post he shares 3 versions of the same image processed differently.  Each one can stand on it’s own.

[url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/the-o/6177849668/]Cincinnati – Mason Community “Power – Nature & Man-Made”[/url] by [url=https://www.flickr.com/people/the-o/]David Paul Ohmer[/url], on Flickr

Sunset Pools – great colors and details in the beach combine to deliver something really compelling.  A stunning shot from Mark Gvazdinskas really brings home the sense of peace by the ocean.

The End Of A Perfect Day – wonderful colors captured at a truly scenic spot.  Erik Kerstenbeck photographs and shares a shot of a bench overlooking a water scene, a truly tranquil and awesome shot.

Scream – a wonderful and poignant photo of an owl.  Nathan Johnson shares a really interesting photograph full of drama and interest.

Enchantment – a wonderful and romantic image from Michael Glover taken in Florida really displays wonderful shadows.  Great tones and details round the photo out, producing a striking result.

Gordes: France’s Quintessential Hilltop Village – yet another great set of images and blog post from Lee Brown takes us to a small village in France.  Wonderful details in the post itself serve to further the wonder of the amazing set of photographs included.

Chevrolet Runs Deep – a minimalistic yet fully intriguing photo of a belt buckle.  Abby Elliott shares a fabulous B&W shot of the iconic symbol imprinted on a buckle, with much interest added through the unique composition used.

Abandoned Church – a great set of images from Ted Fines shows us the inside of an abandoned and pretty run-down church.  A fabulous set of photographs, all with great composition, come together in this really top drawer series.

Watching the Clouds Roll In – by Chris Maskell, a highly emotional and dramatic image taken as a couple sit on a bench with a brooding storm on the horizon.  This is an absolutely compelling image, well worth the time to view.

San Remo Infrared – this highly dramatic infrared image from the studio of Mark Garbowski displays and showcases a style of photography that is rather unique.  This wonderful composition is full of drama due to both the awesome composition, as well as the wonderful processing employed.

Yellowstone’s Surreal Landscapes – this series of images captured in Yellowstone National Park is absolutely mesmerizing and astounding.  Full of color and rich details, Richard Bernabe delivers a truly compelling series, sure to delight and amaze everyone.

Where Time Has No Meaning – CJ Schmit shares a powerful and beautiful image of a mill that sits by the river.  Full of wonderful textures and details in both the building and the surroundings, this is an absolutely wonderful photo.

The Kelvingrove – a stunning HDR photograph from Jim Nix shares an architectural study of a fabulous building.  A well known and storied museum in Scotland provides the perfect subject for Jim to capture and share with us all; a top drawer image, indeed!

Samaras In The Mist – simple, minimalistic, colorful and totally beautiful!  John Mead does his magic and shares an absolutely incredible photo with us, something sure to delight everyone!

Exposed Roots – crisp, sharp details juxtapose with the silky smooth effects of running water shot with a long exposure to create a stunning photo.  Andy Gimino shares a compelling and dramatic black-and-white photo with everyone.

Macro Photos – a truly wonderful set of macro photos.  Very colorful, full of details, this set is really amazing and is sure to keep you entertained for a bit as you walk your way through the series.

City – this set of 10 photos has been very popular on the new Google+ site this week.  I must warn you, however, if you click on the link above and peruse this album, your jaw will most certainly hit the floor.

Dark Imagery – this somewhat dark and in some cases very slightly disturbing set of images from the studio of Danielle Tunstall is sure to astonish you in every sense of the term.  Evocative and wonderful, all at the same time, this series is truly amazing and well worth the time to view.

[url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/soldiersmediacenter/6195146965/]Gearing up for Kosovo [/url] by [url=https://www.flickr.com/people/soldiersmediacenter/]The U.S. Army[/url], on Flickr

Chicago Theater – master photographer Thomas Hawk shares a wonderful photo taken at night of the Chicago Theatre.  Fabulous composition, details and colors all converge in this image to deliver a picture that is compelling and full of interest.

B&W’s – a great set of photos from the studio of Tim Dobbs all shot in B&W produces a dramatic series.  Each picture in the set is absolutely compelling on it’s own, but when viewed together in the group, produces a dramatic and highly emotional work.

Rejected Apparition of Darkened Sky – a truly amazing composition that utilizes a strong shoreline to create leading lines through the frame.  Gareth Glynn Ash delivers a strong and compelling B&W image with a dramatic sky, one that is sure to please everyone.

Remember When We Used To Write? – a wonderful image with a touch of nostalgia, Helene Kobelnyk shares a great capture.  Full of emotion and memories of what now seems a time long past, this photograph is absolutely provacative.

Where is Justice in America? – a slightly jaded view embodied in a sign of the life and times in the United States.  This photo from the studio of Barbara Youngleson is wonderfully processed in her unique style, producing a truly mesmerizing piece sure to make almost everyone pause and think.

Herbert Lake – we’re back at Banff National Park with this photo, this is a fabulous location for landscape photography.  Hansrico Photography delivers a strong and compelling scene of the lake full of wonderful details to hold your interest.  This is an absolutely beautiful image.

Waterfall at Western Brook Pond – Canada is a large and diverse country, full of wonderful landscapes to photograph.  Anne McKinnell shares an image taken in Newfoundland of a beautiful waterfall that took our breath away, and we’re sure it’ll do the same to you.

DUMBO’s View – Jose Vazquez delivers an absolutely dramatic and compelling view of NYC.  Using a piece of wood as a foreground element of interest, the eye is naturally taken through the frame in this totally wonderful photo.


The Wildest Office In The World – a very unique and interesting series of images showcases a highly creative office in the United States.  Designed to foster the creative process, this office is unlike anything I have ever seen before.

Lamps That Paint With Light – the photography in this post is intended to support the article, but the subject and resulting photographs are so stunning they really deserve a listing in this weeks links list.

15 Awesome Skydiving Pictures – a photoblog with some of the most incredible skydiving photos I have ever seen.  This set is really neat, and you feel like you were there with this pack of daredevils as they jumped out of perfectly fine and functioning airplanes!

A Park On Top Of The World – now, THIS is an amazing hotel!  An absolutely stunning set of photographs showcases this new hotel and all the details in the design.  Sure to amaze everyone, this post is guaranteed to delight!

Developing Your Photographic Style: Excerpt From A Chat with Zack Arias – straight from the blog of Chase Jarvis, this entry shares an interview with a master photographer, discussing personal style and how to realize and go about finding yours.

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Thank you Andrew, we truly love compiling and contributing every week… we get to meet a lot of great folks here, like you!

Most excellent, thank you my friend! We sure hope you enjoy going through this list, there is some truly awesome stuff here!

Thanks so much for including me in your excellent list. It must take a great deal of effort to put together a list this comprehensive, it is appreciated!!

There are some truly nice images represented here. The selections from Yellowstone and the abandoned piano at the asylum are especially nice. V8 is also really well done.

Many others, though, don’t offer much in the way of photographic value. Where Time Has No Meaning is a nice scene, but greatly suffers from quality light and an interesting sky. What’s worse, you describe it as “powerful,” “beautiful,” and “wonderful”. It’s anything but. Similarly, the picture of the zebra looks like a snapshot. So does the Western Brook Pond waterfall shot. The Splash of Magenta is simply the white balance slider gone wild. They’re not bad, they’re just quite average.

All that to say, while you normally have some quality posts on here, cutting your Links post in half and just showing us the best quality images would be greatly appreciated.

Wow, we sure can see you put a lot of effort into producing these comments. It seems that you have an acute sense of what you find pleasing and what you don’t. Thanks for taking the time, we certainly appreciate all feedback.

Wow, we can see you put a lot of effort into producing these comments.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but that sounds like a backhanded compliment. I do make a difference between my own artistic opinion (which is subjective) and general, widely-accepted standards of artistry. Unfortunately, too many of your examples here shoot for the middle.

Some really great choices this week Toad. This is one update that I look forward to every week and I thank you for always making sure it gets done

Now you’re talking my language, my good friend! Thank you for taking the time to pop on over and check this out today, Mo, we sure do appreciate that!

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