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Light Stalking has grown into a thriving community with close to a million people following us or seeing us online in one form or other, every month. In all of the hullabaloo, it’s easy to miss the core of what’s happening in photography on Light Stalking. So that’s why we decided to sum it up for you. Here’s what you missed recently on Light Stalking.

Photo of the Week

dog face

Congratulations to Lisa Hill for this very dreamy and thoughtful photo of the week!  Lisa can also be found on Flickr and Picasa.  You can comment on her photo here.

The Most Popular Stories from the Last 7 Days

31 Photographs of Spiders That Will Make Your Skin Crawl – Most of us either love or hate spiders…and I'm guessing there is more spider hate than love!  This collection of spider photos allow those of us who would normally rather look from a distance a less anxious way to really see spiders up-close and personal.  For those who love spiders, these gorgeous photos will likely be inspirational.

Grab a Coffee – This Huge Collection of Photography Links is Going to Keep You Busy For Awhile – As usual, Toad Hollow Photography brings you a weekly collection of the best photos, tutorials, collections and photography blogs on the internet.  This week view amazing collections of fractal art, long exposure and macro shots, classic cameras that don't look like cameras and glass art and architecture that will blow your mind.  Also, read about Benedictine monasteries, Blue Lion Birds and a brief but concise article on HDR photography.  Finally, be sure to check out the long list of hand-culled photos and photography blogs which were painstakingly gathered for you by Toad Hollow Photography.

5 Incredible Online Communities to Get Genuine Feedback on Your Photography – There are always going to be critics in our lives, whether we want them there or not.  This is especially true on the internet where people hide behind their anonymity and can be less than kind with their feedback.  Many aspiring and even accomplished photographers want constructive and helpful feedback, but hold back on posting their work so as to keep mean-spirited comments at bay.  However, there are online communities where you can get some helpful and friendly feedback on your work.  Among others mentioned in this article, Light Stalking is one of them!

Beware of Cheap Lenses – Five Common Issues – We usually, but not always, get what we pay for.  Not all of us are just rolling in money and buying an expensive lens for your camera when there is a cheaper alternative available might seem unnecessary.  However, buyer beware.  There are some common issues with cheaper lenses that you should consider when deciding which lens to purchase.  After all, the quality of the lens is often even more important than the camera it's placed on.  It's also a great investment since it will likely outlast your current camera and even a few more to come.

What You Missed in the Light Stalking Community

Submit your photo to this week’s photography challenge – Simplicity!  What is your interpretation of the subject of simplicity?  Show us your photos which demonstrate simplicity either by subject or composition.

We have had some great responses to our last few photography challenges on the forum.  Last week’s photography challenge was Atmospheric Perspective!– Show us your photos which show a hazy horizon in the distance, but a clear foreground.

Also, check out the Fast! challenge from the week before.  How would you demonstrate the concept of fast in a photo?

Other Weekly Photography Challenges:

View this week’s Mobile Monday Challenge.  Photos submitted must be taken on, and any editing done on a mobile device.

We’d love to chat with you! Add your opinions here:


•To Border or Not to Border

•How to Become a World Famous Photographer

•Portraits for Peanuts

•Night Alley

What Are Our Members Up To?

We have some amazing members here at Light Stalking that run the gamut from career professional photographers through to beginner enthusiast. Here’s what a few of them are up to in photography.

Great Shots Uploaded to the Light Stalking Community


Photo by David Chesterfield.  David can also be found on his Flickr.


Photo by Matthew Cicanese.  Matthew can also be found on his website, Facebook and Flickr.


Photo by Karen Amendola.  Karen can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.


Photo by Laura Paesano.

If you’re not already part of the Light Stalking community then come and join the fun. We promise not to bite!

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