Set Your Calendar for March 26 – New Huawei Flagship Smartphone Coming with Leica Quad Camera


Nothing says high-end like a Leica.

But what about four Leica lenses?

huawei p
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Overkill, you might say, or just right if you’re a Huawei fanboy.

The new P30 flagship smartphone from China’s embattled company is set to have a Quad Leica camera in what can only be a shot across the bow for its competition.

In a teaser sent to his followers on Weibo, Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO Richard Yu posted a picture showing “Huawei P30 Pro” and “Leica Quad Camera” with the date March 26 attached according to Leica Rumors.

The current top-of-the-line camera from Huawei, the P20, is often touted in the company’s marketing as being co-developed with the German optics manufacturer. We suspect this will be no different with the upcoming P30.

For its part, the P20 introduced a dual Leica camera to great market reception as well as receiving warm reviews from critics. Though the company is currently making headlines around the world for its supposed links to the central government in Beijing and what impact that will have on its 5G contracts around the world, Huawei is keeping their eyes on the prize in the smartphone wars nonetheless.

Probably one of the biggest selling points, however, for the upcoming P30 will be its unit price. The current P20 ranges from $USD 500 to $USD 750 and we suspect the P30 will also fall in that range. Armed with a load of features that most smartphones users want – and especially geared towards social media mavens – the P30 will hopefully provide compelling value for those looking for a competent smartphone.

The Pro version, naturally, will be more expensive and, if history is any indication, this will probably be several hundred dollars more in price. For that you will get a larger screen, among other things but, since we don’t know anything for sure yet, we’re just going to let you use the P20 as a guide.

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