“Justice Against Malicious Algorithms Act” Would Remove Legal Protections Shielding Facebook from Liability for Newsfeed Content

It looks like the government in the United States is already moving to regulate Facebook and its associated properties in light of a recent whistleblower testimony that outlined some alleged practices by the company. And now we have legislators from California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Illinois forwarding a bill that would rein in Zuckerberg and […]

Facebook to Remove Derogatory Images of Public Figures As Well As Dismantling “State-Based” Adversarial Networks of Accounts in Latest Anti-Bullying Push

Facebook just announced another set of changes to bring bullying on its platforms under control and, we have to admit, they’re somewhat interesting from a user standpoint. For one, the platform is going to make it much harder for people to send mass hate to accounts of any kind. This means that people who become […]

Facebook Announces Changes to What Instagram Shows Teenagers in Bid to Limit Harmful Content

Shew, the bad news just keeps piling up for Facebook and its divisions. A recent whistleblower testimony basically outlined how the company is incentivized from a financial standpoint to permit questionable content and behavior. If you missed that thread, you can read up about it here. Essentially, this whistleblower’s testimony undercut all of the headway […]