SONY NEWS: Step Down Nikon, We’re #2 in the (US) Full-Frame Camera Market


Sony has officially announced it is now the #2 brand in the US for full-frame interchangeable lens cameras.

The source of data for which this is based comes from the NPD Group, confirming a 23% rise in sales of full-frame interchangeable lens cameras (compared to the same period last year).

Sony state it's their a7R II and a7S II models which have largely influenced this growth at the beginning of this year.

Image by Hank Photo
Image by Hank Photo

Though Sony has not stated outright “we're number 2”, it's certainly been implied and remember we're referring to a specific camera format (full-frame) in a particular region – the US.

Given Nikon's current state of affairs, not all readers will be picking themselves up off the floor in shock. In all honesty, you have to give it to Sony – they're really experiencing huge success, especially over the last few years and now it's clear this is showing through.

The world's largest manufacturer of digital image sensors has actually contributed so significantly to the digital camera market, that without them in the picture (no pun intended), the full-frame market would, in fact, be in decline.

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