‘Sun Still Comes in a Bowl’, More Amazing Photos Uploaded to Light Stalking and Stories You May Have Missed


Light Stalking has grown into a source of excellent content and community for photographers of every level.  In fact, almost a million people visit our site each and every month.  With all of the activity that such a large community brings, missing important content such as articles, weekly contests and great photos isn't difficult.  To be sure that you have a chance to see everything that interests you on Light Stalking, we've made sure to sum it up for you.

Photo of the Week


Congratulations to Karen Amendola for ‘April in New England means sun still comes in a bowl’ making photo of the week!  It's a lovely and cheery photo, which is much needed these days.  Karen can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.  You can comment on this photo here.

The Most Popular Stories from the Last 7 Days

Using the Rule of Space in Your Composition – The rule of space, while not quite as well known as the rule of thirds, is often unconsciously used by photographers.  Knowing about the rule and how it can be used in your compositions will definitely improve the overall impact of your photos.  By adding space for a moving subject to move into, you are adding to the sense of movement and drama in a photo.  Also, for a portrait with a subject not looking directly at the camera, including space in front of the subject's gaze can make the viewer wonder what the subject is looking at or thinking.  These concepts are elaborated on and demonstrated with beautiful photos in this article.

This Incredible Collection of Photography Links Will Put a Smile on your Face – Toad Hollow Photography brings you yet another amazing collection of links to photography tutorials, blogs, and images.  This week's photography tutorials include Photoshop tools that every photographer should know, turning your tablet into a studio light, creating double exposures digitally, a food photography guide and more.  Image collections this week feature black and white seascape photos, top 100 photos of 2012 and brilliant examples of bird photography.  Also included in this week's issue is a review of Topaz Labs Detail 3 written by Toad Hollow himself as well as other reviews, special features and some great photography which was hand-collected from all over the internet.

What Are The Ethics of Digital Manipulation in Photography? – No one likes liars or cheaters, and (if things go as they should) we are taught from childhood on to tell the truth and play fair.  As early as 1917, when two young girls falsely claimed that they were posing with real fairies, people have attempted photographic trickery.  Nowadays, we can easily fake and/or seriously enhance a photo in Photoshop.  Some photography purists feel that any photographers who use Photoshop to enhance their photos are “cheaters”.  Mostly, black and white opinions like this are just that…opinions.  However, there is one area of photography where a more black and white approach is justified. Namely, photojournalism.  While there is a certain amount of artistic leeway granted to even the photojournalist, most everyone would agree that actually altering the subject in any way such as airbrushing their faces or otherwise “retouching” would take away the authenticity of the moment.  What do you think?

How to Improve Your Cityscape Photographs – A cityscape photo, done well, can be a powerful and beautiful image.  This helpful guide covers all the basics you will need to get started on improving your cityscapes.  Choosing your location, picking the right equipment  and a few technical/compositional tips are provided with good photo examples.  If there is one practical tip that can be repeated here, it is be patient and you will be rewarded with beautiful cityscape photos!

What You Missed in the Light Stalking Community

Submit your photo to this week’s photography challenge – Who knew! Show us a photograph that taught you something new, intentional or unintentional.  It doesn't matter if it helped you to learn how to use your tripod, a new post-processing technique or long exposure night photography.  We are all at different levels in our photography so feel free to share with us.  Don't be shy.

We have had some great responses to our last few photography challenges on the forum.  Last week’s photography challenge was Architecture! – Interesting details or structures as a whole, show us your architecture photos.

Also, check out the Eggs! challenge from the week before.  Originally an Easter topic but still open for submissions!  Show us any shots you may have of eggs.

We’d love to chat with you! Add your opinions here:

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What Are Our Members Up To?

We have some amazing members here at Light Stalking that run the gamut from career professional photographers through to beginner enthusiast. Here’s what a few of them are up to in photography.

Great Shots Uploaded to the Light Stalking Community

leading lines

Photo by sam johnson.  Sam can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.


Photo by Mike Dean.  Mike can also be found on his blog and Flickr.


Photo by Yvonne.  Yvonne can also be found on Flickr.


Photo by lgal who can also be found on Flickr.

If you’re not already part of the Light Stalking community then come and join the fun. We promise not to bite!

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