Instagram and Threads Converging Even More with Cross-Posting Test


The options out there for photographers on social media are both vast and limited.

aerial photography of people walking in the intersection street during daytime
Aerial photography of people walking in the intersection street during daytime. Photo by Ryoji Iwata

If that sounds contradictory, it is until you remember that Meta controls two of the largest platforms, Facebook and Instagram, and the others out there are either multipurpose, such as X/Twitter, or somewhat specialized like TikTok and YouTube. In other words, a wealth of options doesn’t make it any easier for you to get your work recognized.

And with TikTok potentially going the way of the dodo bird in the United States, the avenues become even fewer.

Perhaps that’s why most of us employ a multiplatform strategy (at least at first) to see what works for our content and what gives us the best audience. But it makes it a whole lot easier to “participate” across platforms if there is some kind of relative synergy between them.

That’s probably why Meta wants to increase the convergence of its major platforms through features such as cross-posting, an addition it is currently testing out for Instagram and Threads according to Engadget. This comes after the company tested some level of integration between Instagram and Facebook.

Threads for those of you who haven’t kept up with the ever-changing sea of social media, is Meta’s X competitor and can be likened to a mashup of that service with Instagram. Not only will this boost engagement generally, it is thought, but also it will likely give Threads a lift in user numbers. There’s also the whole question that arises here which is what “exactly” is the difference between all of these things if they have the same theoretical audience and largely the same capabilities and content.

Any thoughts that you might have on cross-posting between Threads and Instagram are welcome in the comments.

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