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This week's list of photography links from Toad Hollow Photography covers the entire spectrum.  Featuring interesting tutorials, reviews, special features, collections, great photography and interesting blogs, this list covers a wide range of subjects all posted by some of the best artists working in the field today.  We really hope you enjoy seeing these pictures and posts as much as the Toad did in bringing this list to you.

Happy World Photography Day!!!
Photo by Vinoth Chandar


Hot Pictures: Better White Balance With the Kelvin System – this terrific in-depth article discusses white balancing, discussing the technical aspects of the Kelvin scale of measurement.  The details included here are sure to shed light on this often-discussed topic, revealing some of the underlying factors at play when applying white balance.  Great example photos are included throughout the article to illustrate the points under discussion.

Shooting Portraits in Bright Sunlight – photographer Simon Plant presents a great video tutorial just under 8 minutes in length that shows you how to take control of lighting in the middle of a bright day outdoors to create terrific portrait pieces.  Simon goes over several techniques and aspects of the topic, and shares some very useful tips and tricks.

Bird Photography Tip And Ideas | How To Photograph Birds Like A Pro – this brief tutorial covers most of the key points in terms of photographing birds in the wild.  All key aspects of this style of photography are discussed and terrific sample photographs are included, showing the reader how the key points can be applied in the field to capture that next great shot.


Profoto B1–Nikon TTL: Field Test – one of my very favorite contemporary photographers, and experts in the artform of artificial lighting, Joe McNally takes us on an in-depth journey in using the latest Profoto triggers for the Nikon platform.  Joe explores the new gear in his typical style in this article, peppering the piece with wonderful anecdotes as well as behind-the-scenes shots of all the gear in action.  The end of the article reveals the finished product; a stunning image that really showcases both the equipment and Joe’s incredible talents.


These Hermits Have Chosen To Live Alone In The Wild – this astonishing collection of images captures various people and their abodes in Russia and Ukraine as they live their lives fully off the proverbial grid.  By leaving all the modern trappings of life behind, they live their lives under their own terms, and this photo-essay shows the effects of these choices visually.  A truly compelling article to see in this week’s list.


Tarpon Springs Hippiefest 2014 – The VWs! – check out this terrific collection of 50 photographs featuring a wide variety of VW vehicles on display.  Mikell Herrick’s collection is one of the best I’ve seen created by a single artist, sure to satisfy the VW enthusiast in the depth of content posted here.

Iceland from Above: Gorgeous Aerial Photos of Icelandic Landscapes by Lukas Gawenda – prepare to be absolutely amazed by this wonderful collection of aerial photographs captured by Lukas Gawenda.  The landscapes of Iceland are truly amazing, ranging from the breathtaking waterfalls that dot the shorelines to the abstracts that are found in the unusual landscape formations explored below.

Jumping spider
Photo by coniferconifer


The Cosmo Reflection In Bellagio's Fountains At Night Las Vegas – crisp details and vibrant colors all come to life in this wonderful photograph featuring one of Las Vegas’ famous casinos.  David Cherniak’s shot also features a great reflection in the pool that sits in the foreground, adding a terrific element of interest to the image.

1970 Duster 440 – in what has to be one of my favorite posts of the week due to my personal affinity with classic muscle cars from the era I grew up, we find Jimi Jones at the Mecum Car Auction.  Jimi fully explores this beautiful car with exquisite details, capturing compositions from every possible angle to showcase the exquisite character and raw drama found in the classic lines of the car.  I can hear the rumble of the exhaust from here!

Cockpit – fellow Cowichan Valley photographer Alan Story visits one of the local car shows in the area and comes away with a great set of shots.  I selected this shot to feature in this week’s list because of the compelling composition Alan used to capture this picture, as well as how the natural distortion from the wide angle lens both accents the inherent drama in the scene as well as giving the viewer a first-hand look at what it must feel like to be in the cockpit of this lovely roadster.

The Bay of Poets – Edith Levy captures a wonderful shot from the balcony of her hotel, overlooking the tiny Italian town of Lerici and the bay in the distance.  There are just so many details to take in and enjoy in this shot, it’s sure to keep the viewer enthralled for quite some time as those details are explored.

My Little Commonwealth Games winner… – I have to admit, the shots I am seeing in the photosphere that feature the cute Little Owl going about it’s life are quite amazing.  In this shot, photographer Austin Thomas captures one little creature out and about on a walk, with a rather serious look about it’s face and a real sense it’s on a big mission.  Absolutely heartwarming.

The Port Renfrew Affair – local photographer and friend of ours Joseph de Lange shares a small series of photographs captured near and in a very tiny community located on the edges of the west coast of Vancouver Island.  The incredible forests and wonderful raw shores on the ocean create the perfect scenery for those who love serene landscape settings.  Joseph notes in his post that his blog may be retiring at some point soon, and this poignant post is one you won’t want to miss before that happens.

Nap Time – a pair of delightful red Panda’s are captured trying to catch a few winks, perched on a tree limb and with nary a care in the world.  One of the faces stares back at the camera in this shot, adding a wonderful element to the scene.  Photo by Troels Kinthof.

Anybody home...?
Photo by Thomas Leuthard

Mother Nature’s Art Gallery – this lovely photo and accompanying anecdotal thoughts reflect the lifestyle we enjoy on the west coast of Canada.  Laurie MacBride captures a terrific shot here, featuring a kayaker at rest as he takes in the rugged beauty found in the shorelines of our islands.

Summer moon I – this is an amazing capture, one that finds photographer Juan Carlos Cortina framing the recent supermoon perfectly betwixt two massive and dramatic skyscrapers in the late evening sky.  Wonderful tones and details are captured and expressed here, as we find wonderful artistic tension in the juxtaposition of nature’s incredible beauty against the canvas of the man-made.

Seattle Blues – I love beautiful cityscapes, they romantically express the character of the city they represent and provide insight into the local architecture.  In this shot, Scott Wood captures a wonderful example of such a shot, featuring the world-famous Seattle Space Needle in the composition.

Novice monks – as a pair of young monks dressed in vibrant red clothes make their way down a corridor away from the camera, Oscar Tarneberg captures this wonderful shot that expresses terrific artistic tension.  The natural light that streams in between the columns adds further interest as the eye travels past the monks and on towards a wonderful vanishing point behind them.

Finder’s Keepers – Jay Taylor freezes the incredibly fast motion of a Hummingbird in flight and presents a wonderful shot in the process.  As the tiny bird flutters in front of a flower, Jay captures this shot that is perfectly composed and naturally beautiful.

worlds appart – Carlos Canales captures a great shot as the final glow from the fading light of day highlights the silhouettes of people making their way across a bridge.  Wonderful artistic tension is found in this rather simple, but totally elegant shot.

can ya see me now . . . – a cute little raccoon peers out from under the cover of leaves back at the camera of ƊƦคƓ๏ƝŦlץƊгєคɱʂ88 in this wonderful shot.  These creatures are known for their rich characters, and this terrific shot does a perfect job of showcasing this in a glance for the viewer.

Situ Gunung – absolutely stunning natural light streams in from frame right in this shot, showcasing long shadows cast from the trees that surround the body of water featured in this picture.  Keril Doank captures this shot at just the right moment, as two people are seen going about their lives.

the lights of blue hour – fast moving light trails share a sense of speed and urgency in this wonderful shot from the studio of Frank King.  Frank positions himself on an overpass and by using a long exposure he captures a shot of fast moving light that features the inherent drama of the city of Toronto far in the background.

Helicopter deploying her flares – this is a truly amazing and highly dramatic photograph featuring a CH-124 Sea King helicopter during operations as it deploys it’s flares on either side of the chopper.  The smoke from the flares creates a strong sense of drama in this once-in-a-lifetime shot from Michael Bastien.

Seattle Street – a terrific black-and-white shot by David Williams showcases the dramatic architectural elements he found while checking out the backstreets of the city.  The lines and shapes captured in this piece are perfectly brought to life in the monochromatic aspect of the image; a perfect choice for this composition and subject.

Quotidian – for those who love still life photography, here is a picture you won’t want to miss.  Maggie Photography carefully stages a table with garlic and onions, and captures a picture with predominantly warm tones that exhibits a strong sense of life from days past.

The Eyes Have It – this is a terrific shot from Tim Stanley, one that takes the front of a car and personifies it somewhat through the act of composition and the elements at work within the scene.  A local car show is explored by Tim and his daughter, and they encounter this row of Dodge muscle cars, all featuring varied colors of LED rim lighting for the headlights, creating a compelling and slightly eerie shot.

London City Hall – Jim Nix captures a pair of postcard shots of this famous landmark in London, featuring the unusual and strong architectural features that comprise the facility.  Jim shares two images of this subject taken from slightly differing perspectives, showing how composition can drastically change the overall context of a given scene.

Photo by Jennifer


Types of Photos That Are Most Successful on Facebook – Trevor Dayley writes a very interesting article on some of the finer nuances related to getting your posts viewed on Facebook.  As the internal algorithms change at the world’s largest social media site, staying in touch with your followers and staying relevant becomes a bigger challenge, and insights like this will certainly help.

On Chaos, Fear, Survival & Luck: Longevity Is The AnswerNSFW: Language – breaking into photography on a professional level is tough on a good day.  Doug Menuez pens a fantastic article here that talks about how to rise above the stereotypical issues that come with a career choice in the field of photography, all based on the premise that slow and steady wins the race.  This is a terrific article to read, well worth the time.

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