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The Toads have been very busy the last few weeks doing shoots on location, and as a result they missed creating their weekly list last week.  Thrilled to be back at it here this week, they have compiled an extensive list of links to tutorials, great photography and interesting blogs for everyone to enjoy.  We really hope you enjoy viewing the images of these talented artists and reading these blogs as much as the Toads did in bringing this list to you.  Without further ado, let's hop into the great photography, shall we?

The Toads have been working with a wonderful local group who focus on heritage and historically significant lands and structures.  TLC The Land Conservancy of BC restores and maintains some of BC's greatest treasures through the tireless work of passionate and skilled volunteers, and Toad Hollow Photography was thrilled to photograph an active archeological dig and some of the features of one of the oldest houses in the city recently.  Please feel free to visit their blog post “An Afternoon At The Villa” to see the archeologists in action and to check out this incredible old heritage home!


HDR – Lens Correction – A Short and Simple Sample HTDS – Mark Neal delivers a concise tutorial that shows the reader how to use lens correction tools.  This technique works remarkably well considering the complexity of the image being manipulated.

Showing Scale to Your Photos | Showing Scale Part II – a pair of great posts teaches the reader about the importance of adding scale to an image.  Joe Baraban discusses artistic details in photography that can add a huge element of tension to an image, and in turn create a truly compelling piece.

How clean can you get ISO 102,400? – a great article discussing noise in high ISO images and how to deal with them in post-processing.  The results discussed here are really amazing, and the techniques are worth consideration.

Photomatix 4.2 Tutorial – Blake Rudis compiles this brief tutorial piece that shows the reader how to combat common image creation challenges in the latest software suite from HDR Soft, called Photomatix.  This incredible tool is only as powerful as the skills and knowledge of the user, and Blake really delivers some great pointers here.

Photographing Butterflies Up Close and Personal – Lee Brown creates and delivers a breathtaking series of butterfly images here, and goes into great depth detailing how to achieve this.  His technical points are spot-on and will shed some light, if you’ll pardon the pun, on how to go about performing this genre of photography.

What camera file format is best for you? – Doug Pruden shares a great article outlining the differences in different file formats for storage on modern DSLR cameras.  For those with questions regarding these choices, this article is sure leave the reader with a better grasp of what choice works best for their specific needs.

GREAT PHOTOGRAPHY – this is truly a special feature based on the great work from Ren Bostelaar.  This online exhibition features a new image every 24 hours and is really a must-visit destination as each day delivers a new image to enjoy.

Special Travel Perks – this is an absolutely epic study in lines in this great post from Theaterwiz.  An empty airport exposes a very compelling bit of architecture that forms incredible nautral leading lines and geometries that are mesmerizing beyond proper description.  If you like lines, you will love this.

Doorstep Fawn – in a fast-paced and sometime violent world, it’s always amazing to watch a newborn baby.  Local photographer Ehpem creates and delivers a series of images and a short video of a brand-new baby fawn resting on the doorstep to a cabin he visited.  This is a truly amazing set, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and warm your heart.

Glittering Marina – what a breathtaking photograph, as captured and shared here by Daniel Cheong.  Bright city lights are punctuated here with incredible details in the architecture and surroundings of the beautiful city below.

Hunting down those Fields of Gold – gorgeous, colorful and vivid are some of the immediate words that come to mind when viewing this breathtaking set of photographs from LensScaper (Andy Hooker).  Andy goes to great lengths to find and photograph this colorful landscapes, and in turn creates a compelling set sure to delight everyone who pops by to view.

Midway Stop – a powerful vanishing point is highlighted in this awesome image from the studio of Jim Denham.  The USS Midway delivers the drama in this epic composition, and Jim creates an intense photograph that is guaranteed to mesmerize.

Winter's Last Stand – gorgeous mountains and a still lake produce the perfect setting for Michael Bollino.  Michael takes a most beautiful image, full of wonderful tones and colors, producing an image that is really a must-see shot in this week’s list.

Italian Hospital A – Bedlam – Mark Blundell continues to exhibit masterpieces on his site, and this image is certainly worthy of such a label.  An abandoned hospital up Italy still has the beds in the wards, and Mark does an absolutely top drawer job in capturing this engaging image.

Abandon – an abandoned quarry creates a stunning landscape for Andy Gimino to capture and share here.  This beautiful oasis in the middle of his city is a wonderful find, and the reflection created from the still waters add so much interest here.

The Old Farm Home – our own local photographer Joseph de Lange takes us on a brief adventure to explore the exterior and surroundings of an old farm home in the Cowichan Valley.  This is a fabulous set of images, well worth the time to visit and enjoy.

At Peace – Michael Lewis Glover takes us on a personal journey with him to a place that is very meaningful to him.  The Florida National Cemetery creates the perfect scene for Michael to capture this captivating shot.

Another way – a wonderful study in contrast and shadow is exhibited here by our own Tom Dinning (@tomdinning).  Tom takes the viewer on a wonderful journey as he explores the image he creates by painting a special context with his prose.  Each and every image he creates is profound and leaves the viewer with a deeper personal understanding of the world we live in.

Sunshine – a beautiful texture overlay adds so much interest to this wonderful image, as produced by Barbara Youngleson.  The colors in the flower she has captured here really come to life with her delicate post-processing.

UE Palace – The Acid House – Mark Blundell delivers another one of his epic 360* panoramas, this time taken inside a Moroccan themed palace.  Marks careful processing and work on these presentations really sets him apart in this field.

Tropical butterflies – if you love the intricate details and bright colors of butterflies, you will love this post by Chris Wray.  Chris finds himself inside a butterfly conservatory before opening hours, and as a result captures and shares some incredible images of butterflies.

Capitol Hill – what an incredible image as captured, processed and shared here by John Sotiriou.  This iconic building in the States creates a striking subject, and John does a great job in capturing his personal vision.

Quick Fade – textures, details and a captivating scene all come together in this great photograph from the studio of Scott Frederick.  Scotts work capturing scenes full of natural decay are second to none, and this is a great example of this genre of imagery.

Window Shopping… – Tony Matthews captures a scene for the rich and famous of the front window of a very exotic car dealer.  A Bugatti Veyron in the front window beckons with an alluring pose, and Tony composes a very unique image.

Water Drops – this is a fantastic study in liquimotion frozen still in time by Josh Uy.  A water drop is carefully composed in this picture, and Josh has done a great job in creating this special piece using a very tricky technique.

Oh Henry – this classic rod is forever preserved in this incredible photograph by Bob Byington.  The color and natural lines of the car are exploited by Bob to create an outstanding work of art.

Road To The Sky – we’re taken someplace really remote and shown a great road vista here by Curt Fleenor.  The ribbon of highway that Curt perfectly composes to create a natural leading line, helps to produce the most mesermizing image.

St. Peter’s Basilica – this is a magnificent study of this iconic world wonder.  Adam Allegro takes us deep inside the Basilica and delivers a most incredible black and white study of the breathtaking facility.

Belmont – Bob Lussier takes us to an abandoned town in this great image.  All the houses and structures are slowly making their way back to Mother Nature’s domain, and as the process continues not a straight line can be found anywhere.  Exquisite photography; a must-see shot in this week’s list.

Air – the delicate petals on a beautiful flower compose the most wonderful abstract art in this great piece by annie69hun.  This study of nature delivers a breathtaking piece through the unique and personal composition used.

Remarkables Range, New Zealand – a great landscape is captured in this photograph from Mark Paulson.  The majestic mountains serve as an anchor in this shot, and the roadway produces a perfect natural leading line to guide the viewer through the frame.

Dame In Waiting – squirrels make for great photography subjects as they can be so expressive and strike the most interesting poses.  Aaron Barlow does a wonderful job in capturing this little creature as it looks out to the ocean…  Aaron’s anecdote really brings it all together rather nicely, and this post is guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Alien Storms – Scott Wood delivers a jaw-dropping infrared captured image of the rolling landscape in his new home area, Washington state.  His work is truly without peer in the realm of IR, and this particular shot is truly breathtaking and a great example of his talents.

HDR – The Soft Side on Purpose – this beautiful and soft image of a flower is wonderfully presented by Mark Neal.  Mark uses a narrow field of focus to achieve some delicate bokeh that really adds so much interest to the shot.

Butchart Gardens Truck – a wonderful old historic Ford truck is on display for the May Day Parade in Victoria.  Lotus Johnson does a great job in capturing the character of the scene, even though it was a tad bit rainy this day, and delivers a very vibrant and fascinating image to view and enjoy.

Chestnut-sided Warbler – what a beautiful little bird perfectly composed and captured here by Steve Beal.  Steve uses a flash to softly light the little bird, and a shallow depth of focus brings our feathered-friend to life.

Big Bang – Jerry Denham takes us along on his family outing to watch the fireworks.  This bright and colorful picture is a result of this adventure, creating colorful tendrils in the sky to be enjoyed by all who visit.

Pipie – eyes are indeed the window to the soul, and sometimes photographers capture a fleeting moment that is utterly profound.  Gansforever Osman captures and shares a truly exquisite example of this style of portrait.

Ethiopia – the world is a complex and confusing place at times.  This image of a warrior brandishing a weapon in Ethiopia has all sorts of elements at work; the interesting nature of the people of the area and the juxtaposition of modern day weaponry.  This is a highly profound image from Victoria Rogotneva.

Lavior à Charbon – Mechanised – Mark Blundell creates a very industrial and gritty piece in this post, a direct result of being unafraid to head right into harms way for the sake of a great photograph.  This abandoned factory is perfectly captured here, producing a piece that is really a must-see shot in this week’s list.

the little thief . . . – squirrels are great characters to view and photograph, they are so full of life and interesting behaviors.  In this shot, dragonflydreams88 captures a little scallywag hard at work in trying to perpetuate the perfect crime…  breaking into a bird feeder.

Photo of the Day: Escape by Chris Luckhardt – some photographs tell an entire story in a glance, and this dramatic piece by Chris Luckhardt really drives this notion home.  This image is bereft of any sign of life yet somehow embodies the expression of tension in an image.

The Darling Buds of May – a colorful and vibrant expression of spring is captured in this great photograph from Fern Long.  Victoria city is springing to life as the seasons change, and this image is a beautiful symbol of this.

London City Panorama – these incredible 360* panorama presentations by Mark Blundell are both totally unique and utterly captivating.  This piece showcases a street in downtown London, and gives the viewer a strong sense of what the city feels like at night.  Mark also does a great job in capturing some building reflections in the glass, adding so much further interest to the images.

Driftwood – a wonderfully processed infrared shot is converted to black-and-white to expose all the drama in this awesome photograph by Scott Wood.  The leading line created by the natural shore takes the viewer through the frame, producing a piece that is a true joy to view.

Happy Memorial Day! – gorgeous and vibrant photographs are displayed in this wonderful post by Blake Rudis.  He sets out to capture a series based on a sunset, and comes home with a compelling set of images that is sure to be enjoyed by all who visit.

Arlington National Cemetary – this is a truly moving and profound image as captured and shared here by Tim Stanley.  This national cemetery is the perfect subject for capturing a photo that highlights the serene beauty of this highly emotional place.

Not Forgotten – Jim Denham takes us on a personal journey to a cemetery in Fort Donelson in Dover, TN.  This poignant set of photographs shares the heartfelt thanks that we all have for those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms.

The Stables at Casa Loma – this beautiful interior architectural study by Edith Levy takes us inside an old and historic horse stable.  Edith does a splendid job in capturing all the details and rich tones in this place, and we reap the rewards by viewing this wonderful image.

Memorial Day – what a profound and moving image posted here by Hansrico Photography.  The shallow depth of focus that Rick used to capture this scene really brings the prime subject to life, telling a story in a single view.

Doble Arco version II. Double Arch version two – the composition on this image is so perfect you might be left wondering if the picture is real.  This wonderful photograph by Jose Fernandez taken on a seashore is breathtaking and mesmerizing beyond proper description.

Pink Flower – Heather Neil captures a shares a delicate picture that showcases the wonder of the color pink.  This beautiful flower is so wonderfully processed here by Heather, bringing a soft and gorgeous scene to life for all to enjoy.

The Carnegie Legacy – this is a wonderful architectural study as delivered by Wayne Frost.  Wayne's careful and considerate processing of the scene he captured adds a true element of drama and strength to the scene.

Skogafoss (Iceland) – an absolutely breathtaking landscape awaits the viewer in this wonderful photograph from Jesús Sánchez Ibáñez.  The true scale of the scene presented is revealed to those that spend a little time taking the image in.

Somiedo – this photograph exhibits some of the most incredible tones and details ever in the rolling landscape captured.  This image is presented by Amador Funes, an image that is a must-see on this week’s list.

Via Train, Toronto – perspective can play a very important role in composition, inasmuch that it can be manipulated by the photographer to create a visual story.  This fabulous shot by Ren Bostelaar takes us down low to really share a great example of this.

Looking down the Danube – Jim Nix takes us someplace very special in this breathtaking image.  Bratislava in the blue hour glimmers and reveals its architectural details and Jim does a truly wonderful job in capturing and processing this picture.

Desire – great reflections can be a very powerful element in photography, and this photograph from Kenny Barker.  Awesome tones and colors in the sky add a warm touch to the image, combining with the main subject to create something unique.

The Floating Palace – a great amount of effort and care has gone into creating this awesome image by Romain Matteï.  The iconic scene of Westminster Palace and Big Ben is carefully crafted by hand merging different exposures, resulting in totally compelling piece of imagery.

Old Sparks Elementary School – a long abandoned and fire damaged school is the prime subject in this series by Jimi Jones.  Jimi’s series highlights some wonderful textures and details in the remaining stonework, and the inherent interest in the schools remains are perfectly captured, producing a set that is a must-see.

Keyhole Beauty – Len Saltiel frames an epic landscape using a natural formation.  This image is one of those key shots you sometimes see that delivers more to the viewer as you spend time taking it in.  Well worth the time to visit and enjoy.

The Eagle – an epic study in naturally formed lines and shapes is delivered in this post from Scott Ackerman.  Scott shares a color version and a black-and-white version for the visitor.  Quite frankly each has its own strengths, making it impossible to pick a favorite.

Ring-Tailed Lemur – this is an awesome shot from the studio of Tim Stanley!  Tim does a top drawer job in capturing the pure character of this wonderful animal, delivering a fabulous image that is sure to be enjoyed by all who visit.

Rays of Light – a perfect composition that is further enhanced by perfect beaming light rays from the sun is shared in this gorgeous image by Steven Perlmutter.  The pier provides a great natural leading line with a vanishing point to complete the overall compelling nature to the picture.

Selective Color in Color Can Bee Interesting – Mark Neal shares a picture that is delicately processed to be highly sympathetic to the subject; a beautiful little bee.  Marks interpretation of the scene he was shooting is without a doubt a real highlight in this week’s list.

Checkerboard Mesa, Zion National Park – a natural wonder is explored visually in this post by Anne McKinnell.  A lone pine tree growing out of a rock formation produces a striking and dramatic subject for Anne to photograph, and her image here is something that is sure to delight everyone who visits.

A Cup Of Joe and Some Sunshine – dichotomies that deliver bright and dark messages at the same time can produce very dramatic scenes.  Mark Garbowski takes us into a long abandoned room where Mother Nature has been very busy disassembling things, and comes away with a striking photograph to view and enjoy.

The View – the NYC skyline at night is explored in this vivid and compelling piece by Harold Begun.  Great details in the lit up buildings and the Brooklyn Bridge come together in this picture to really deliver a great shot.

country comforts . . . – an exquisitely processed barn image graces the screen of anyone who visits this iconic farm shot by dragonflydreams88.  Great colors and tones are exposed in this captivating scene, making it really one of the must-see shots in this week’s list.

Walking A Mile on Water – the folks at Jay&Jacy Photography bring us a great ocean scene in this photograph, complete with a fabulous vanishing point created by a pier that goes on, well, forever.  This stunning image has some great tones and natural leading lines to compliment the composition.

Undefined Point of Dreams – a really dramatic image is captured and shared here by Gareth Glynn Ash.  A mostly barren landscape is carefully processed in black-and-white to deliver a great photograph that is highly sympathetic to the scene.

Stairs of Art – an architectural study in lines and form is presented in this black-and-white image from the studio of CJ Schmit.  The perfect composition lends itself to the scene that CJ was capturing, and as a result we have a photograph that is highly dramatic to enjoy.

Giving Me The Eye – a commanding view is overseen by a very dramatic looking Osprey in this top drawer photograph by Michael Lewis Glover.  Michael does a great job in capturing this scene that really brings home all the power and character of this wonderful bird.

Different Sunset – this study of contrasts is delivered by Anita Megyesi through a careful composition.  A bright red flower is accented by the gentle bokeh that Anita employs to bring the beautiful flower to life for all who visit to enjoy.

Portrait: Miquel Plana · Puretones … – Tomàs Rotger shares an absolutely dramatic portrait picture, once again in black-and-white.  This carefully composed and crafted picture is a real highlight in this week’s list, well worth the time to pop over to view.

Five Years Ago – an image captured five years ago is shared on the blog of Scott Wood in this post.  A rushing river creates a sense of strong motion and the surrounding beautiful landscape really creates interest here.  Scott leaves us with a cliffhanger in this post…  we’ll leave it to you to discover this.

Moonrise Over the Enchantments – an epic example of fine art photography is displayed in this great image from the studio of Zack Schnepf.  Great tones and crisp details converge to bring this beautiful landscape to life for everyone to enjoy here.

Faster In Red – sports cars make for great photography subjects with flowing lines and bright and vivid colors that bring the shape and design to life.  Tim Stanley captures and shares a shot of one bright red Ferrari that requires no further description.

Another Loss To Progress – another architectural icon is slated to be demolished and Mike Victorino is prepared and delivers a great series of images before its final destruction.  These shots are both compelling to view, the bridge is really quite the marvel…  but they also serve and important purpose of documenting history.

At the end of the garden – what a fabulous series of garden shots here by LensScaper (Andy Hooker).  I have to be honest, though, the second shot processed in black-and-white in this series is just so full of natural tension, I find it absolutely captivating.

Christ Church, Durham Parish, Charles County, Maryland – wonderful details in the old brickwork are punctuated by great architecture and an iconic red door in this church study by Mark Summerfield.  Mark does a fabulous job capturing the great details and textures in this historic facility, delivering a very compelling picture to view and enjoy.

White Elephant – Andy Gimino does great work by combining unique compositions in conjunction with very interesting natural formations to create fine art.  This picture of a tree root by a rivers shore is a great example of this style and is a picture that is well worth the time to visit in this week’s list.
Morning Crests by iSLDs, on Flickr

Far Horizons – a metaphor for life and the human spirit is explored in this epic landscape black-and-white photograph presented by our very own Tom Dinning (@tomdinning) here at Light Stalking.  Tom’s unique perspective on the arts is punctuated by his wonderful prose, coming together to really make for a great piece to view and enjoy.

Hidden or Haunted? – old weathered buildings like this produce the most striking photography subjects, and Rich McPeek does an incredible job in capturing some shots of such a place.  This old abandoned home nestled deep in the woods is full of character, and Rich really does a great job in capturing the essence of the scene presented.

Slaughterhouse – Bob Lussier takes us on an adventure to see a building with an emotional past.  This weathered facility makes for perfect photography subject matter for Bob and his skills, and in turn we get an image that is absolutely captivating to view and enjoy.

Tunnel Vision – this fabulous photograph taken of an underground tunnel at a large facility is captured and shared here by Edith Levy.  There is something dramatic and slightly mystical about this scene, and Edith really does a great job in bringing it to life.

Waterglass – a breathtaking landscape scene full of fabulous colors and tone is accented by a remarkable reflection in the still waters.  Karl Williams captures and shares a true must-see shot in this week’s list with this photograph, well worth the time to visit!

Bridging the Gap – the thing about nature is that her power and fury can also be absolutely beautiful.  This landscape photograph of a lightning strike is full of spectacular colors and details.  Christopher Eaton creates a must-see shot for this week.

Viper #3 – cars make for great photography, and this Dodge Viper as captured by Bob Byington really delivers a stunner.  Bob uses a very unique composition to add tension and drama to his work, and this image is a great example of this.

Onwards…upwards – a great staircase architectural study is captured and shared here by Erik and Kathleen Kerstenbeck.  The architecture is punctuated here by some of the most wonderful shadows we’ve seen in quite a while, producing an image full of interest and drama.

Kanarra Falls – a beautiful, almost surreal scene is shared in this photograph from the studio of Bill Church.  This semi-abstract is created using long exposure techniques, creating a silky smooth feeling with the fast moving water, and this is all accented by the incredible lines and geometry found in the natural surrounding rock formations.

Walking the canal – wonderful, wonderful details and colors are all presented in this epic shot from Jim Nix as he adventures through Amsterdam.  The character in the homes and architecture of this city is very compelling, and Jim does a great job in sharing this vision in his photograph.

Infinity – we’ve got it all going on here; a great vanishing point, smooth waters and great details and tones in the landscape.  This is truly a fabulous shot, as shared by Mirko Rubaltelli.  Well worth the time to visit and enjoy.

So Grand – sure, the Grand Canyon is a piece of natural wonder that is often photographed, but it seems that most images are fully unique.  Len Saltiel captures and shares a vista of the Grand Canyon that is full of great colors and details, and shares some insight into working with landscapes like this.  What a fabulous image and post.

Moving In – Dave DiCello and family have just purchased a wonderful home, and we get a peak at it in this post!  Great photograph here, it really shows the character of this beautiful home.  We wish Dave and his family the best as they get moved and settled in.

Milwaukee Hyatt Sunrise – Jim Denham delivers a breathtaking city view at sunrise.  By reprocessing and sharing both versions of the same image, we get a great chance to see how Jim’s work has evolved over the past few years.  To be honest, I like both renditions of the image, although the new one is a little more compelling to my eye.  What do you think?

Hotel Modern – a black-and-white dichotomy is studied in this wonderful image of a hotel sign.  This nostalgic sign makes for the perfect subject for Aaron Barlow to capture and share…  suddenly I have a strong urge for BBQ…

They’re Back!! – hummingbirds make for wonderful photography.  They are beautiful, difficult to capture well and are full of character.  Kat White does a marvelous job in capturing this glorious little bird as it enjoys a meal at a feeder, and in turn she delivers a great photograph for everyone to visit and enjoy.

Forest Light – a black-and-white study in light captured deep in a forest is shared in this post from Ehpem.  The rich contrasts exposed in the lighting variations really brings all the plants and natural elements to the foreground, producing a series that is a pure joy to view.

Portrait of a Meerkat – OK, this is way cute.  This great portrait shot is of this really cute little furry friend.  Bev does a great job in capturing the real spirit and essence of him with her wonderful composition.  Definitely a shot that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Red Tailed Hawk – the level of details in this powerful image from the studio of John Mead is really astounding.  John does a fabulous job of composing and capturing this beautiful bird, and in turn creates a photo so good you can almost count the feathers.  Guaranteed to delight and amaze all who visit!

Great Blue Heron – Standing in the Sun – these birds are here in the western part of Canada as well, and always cause people to stop to see.  Kerri Farley does a wonderful job with this photograph, both in her composition and with the really great light that was present at the time she took this shot.  A majestic shot of a truly majestic bird.


Visiting Keating Farm Estate – a wonderful historically significant farm has been acquired and is being restored and maintained by the great people at TLC The Land Conservancy of BC.  This short video is a super presentation that takes the viewer along on a brief adventure touring the vast property and some of its heritage structures.  As we continue to work with TLC here at Toad Hollow Photography, we are hoping to make arrangements ourselves to visit this location and perform a complete photo-shoot.  This is a great video of a wonderful piece of heritage, check it out!

HDR Concert #4: Ticket To Ride – Blake Rudis hosts another one of his iconic HDR collaborations where a series of photographers all use the same source brackets to create their own personal vision of the scene captured.  It’s always incredible to see the vast differences in perspective between the artists, and their personal styles and touches really come shining through in this wonderful series.

Book Review – Heather Neil writes and shares a brief but well considered review of a newly published eBook on iPhone photography.  If you like this genre of image creation, this may be a great book to consider adding to your personal library.

Ross Bay Rambles – traveling photographer Jordan Oram brings us right into the heart of Victoria, BC with this great set of photographs of this well-known city.  His thoughts shared in this post really add a message of strong inspiration for everyone to follow, creating a blog post that is sure to be enjoyed by all who visit.

Ugly Sheds – Scott Wood creates and shares a really interesting time-lapse video from the yard of his new home.  He states that there is a chance a rabbit ran through the scene…  so with that being said, we have renamed this presentation to “spot the rabbit”!

Photographer Spotlight – Mike Victorino highlights the work of a very talented photographer in this post.  Misty Painton works for her local fire department, and as such has access to really incredible scenes to capture; and capture them she does!  Incredible work posted here, well worth the time to visit.

Canon 5dmkIII vs MkII which would you get? – a 12 minute video presentation that discusses the merits and differences between the 2 model cameras.  If you’re in the market for a new camera, this is well worth the time to view.

Carpoolers: The Daily Commute Captured From Above – perspective and composition can make or break an image.  This series of photographs utilizes a totally unique perspective to deliver an absolutely emotional series that is a must-see set.

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