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What are Smart Objects in Photoshop CC and How to Use Them in Your Photo Editing

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A very powerful and yet often forgotten function within Photoshop CC are Smart Objects. Smart Objects were originally created for graphic design use and introduced in Photoshop CS2. Since then, they have evolved into an extremely useful tool for photographers. One of their major uses is their ability to allow non destructive editing not only of the images but also of filters applied to an image. In this article we will take a look at some things that you can do with Smart Objects.

How to Create Duotones and Split Tones in Lightroom

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Before we go anywhere, we should discuss exactly what a duotone is. It has its genesis in the printing world where, to save on color printing costs, some editors would print an image that was a mixture of black and white with a single color added in. A Split Tone generally starts from a color image and changes the color tint of both the highlights and shadows. The Duotone was born. Although not so important in the publishing world these days, Duotones and Split Tones remain striking and interesting images and thanks to modern software, they are also easy to create. Today we will look at creating one in Lightroom.

Creating a High Key Landscape Using Lightroom in 6 Simple Steps

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High key landscapes are often dramatic and emotive images. They typically work best in black and white but can sometimes work well in color using desaturated colors. A high key landscape is always going to work best if it has been shot with that effect in mind. However, with a suitable image, it is possible to get a high key effect using Adobe Lightroom. The aim of a high key image is to have the majority of the tones towards the highlight end of the histogram. High key is not about over exposing an image, it is more about carefully exposing the shot to keep the shadows lighter but preventing the highlight areas from clipping.

Which is Right For You: Lightroom or Photoshop (or Both)?


Effective post processing brings the image taken in the field to life on the computer screen. There are a number of tools available, each having features that appeal to an individual’s personal preferences. Lightroom and Photoshop are two tools that are widely used. Both bring tools that do the same thing and they each have their individual strengths. What determines when Lightroom, Photoshop or both should be used?

5 Effective Ways to Achieve Smooth Skin in Your Portraits Using Photoshop

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Every portrait photographer strives to achieve the best-looking skin in his or her portrait images. As much as it seems so, this is not an easy task to accomplish. The trick is to smooth out the skin without making it look unreal and unflattering. It is crucial to hit the sweet spot between good-looking and realistic skin. Retaining as much texture as possible is essential while removing the imperfections. There are various ways to smooth out skin, but I’ll give you a short guide of my 5 favorite ways to do it (number 5 being my favorite one). You can try them all and chose the one that works best for you.