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How to Create A Realistic HDR Panorama

This is the result. Photo by Dzvonko Petrovski, all rights reserved.

HDR stands for “High Dynamic Range,” meaning that the method is supposed to increase the dynamic range that one image can have as if the sensor had the same amount of dynamic range. I’d been looking for HDR processors that did a realistic job, and for a while the search didn’t yield a processor that […]

Sweet Cherry Red Photography

Cherry simple

Cherries signify summer and culinary delights. They brighten photographs as a primary subject or an accompaniment. There are over 1,000 variety of cherries from sweet to sour covering a broad spectrum of reds. Cherry reds also pop up during the holidays, celebrations and signify romance. We’ll highlight a few post processing techniques and share ideas for […]

What’s New in the Latest Adobe CC Update?


All those who follow Adobe and their conferences are likely aware that they are preparing a bundle of new features that intrigue us as photographers. With the release of Lightroom 6, we got GPU processing which has sped things up for some users (others report that it slows down the process for them). I believe that GPU […]