Five Great Photography Magazines You Should be Reading


The Internet is an amazing thing, and we take pride in providing you with content to help you with your passion for photography.  There is however, something to be said about printed material, just like it's a different experience in holding a photographic print compared to looking at it on a monitor.  Photography magazines offer this same experience, and often in a format that is more easily read over a period of time whereas most Internet articles tend to be under 500 words for easy consumption.  Additionally, photography magazines have some of the best work which can be admired and inspire.  For that reason, here are five great magazines you should be reading.

Published in the October issue of Popular Photography magazine!

Thomas Shahan's Photos in Popular Photography Magazine

Popular Photography is perhaps one of the most comprehensive magazines for gear, technology and everything about cameras and accessories.  Packed full of articles on the latest and greatest, and how to use them, it's an essential magazine for all photographers.

B&W, as the name implies, focuses on black and white photography, both analog and digital post-processing. By many, black and white is still the most pure form of photography and the striking range of a quality image can be breathtaking.  It's also worth noting that the stock that B&W prints on makes is lovely to touch and produces a great backing for beautiful photographs.

Outdoor Photographer puts all their emphasis on those who enjoy, well being outside!  Nature, hiking, landscape and action sports, if it's outdoor, Outdoor Photographer covers it.  More focus is put on actual shooting and not on the technicalities of gear.  Finding locations and working with your gear is what you can expect from this magazine.

American Photo is more than a magazine just showing pretty pictures, it covers the people behind the camera too.  The focus on the photographers and their work covers all aspects, from fashion and fine art to landscape and advertising.  So often the focus is on the photograph that the story about how or why it was created gets overlooked.  Get an inside look into how some of the best photographers' minds work with American Photo.

Shutterbug takes a unique approach to their publication, focusing on the advanced amateurs and up and coming professionals.  Their articles focus on tips and techniques to improve your work and often feature articles and photos by everyday shooters, with real world examples.  This is a great learning tool for every photographer.

One nice thing about magazines is that they can easily go with you, it's possible to cut out articles or photos and keep them as reference or inspiration or re-read with ease older issues if you forget something.  The Internet is alive and thriving, but magazines still hold a world of wealth.

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I agree that Popular Photography is a great mag with a lot of useful information. However, I just picked up a copy of Shutterbug and found it a bit elitist for my tastes.

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