A Bunch of Updates Coming to Adobe Photoshop Desktop and Apps


There are some changes coming to Adobe Photoshop across its various incarnations.

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Announced at Adobe MAX 2021, some of these updates were a long time coming and, as such, aren’t really that big of a surprise. Still, it’s impressive to see how powerful Photoshop is becoming, particularly in its app format, and how much easier it is making it for users to harness the full potential of the platform.

First, Photoshop desktop edition is getting an Auto-masking Object Selection tool. Adobe warns that this tool is still in its early stages and, as such, might require some user tweaking here and there. Still, it makes the process much quicker and easier than ever before, and, with time, we expect this will only improve.

The next update coming to desktop is a one-click masking option for objects within a layer of the photo. Adobe is also introducing three new “beta” Neural Filters for the desktop app.

Another beta, and one that shows off a piece of tech we’ve talked about in the past, is the Landscape Mixer. This can shift a photo to “Sunset,” “Autumn,” and “Winter” presets with the final product looking oddly organic even though the snow is obviously simulated. The example photo used by Adobe shows a grassy field that shifts through the seasons with changes so subtle yet also so effective that it makes this a really impressive feature even in beta form. Another example provided showed a hiker along grassy hills that, in the edited photo, became sandy dunes.

Color Transfer, meanwhile, uses the color scheme of a bench marked photo and transfers it over to your own work. Along these lines, there is also a new Harmonization tool in beta that brings two photographs in line with one another aesthetically.

Adobe also showed off a bunch of new plugins, a quick “oil painting” filter, and a range of other updates and fixes to the desktop app’s stability.

For Photoshop on iPad, the app is getting RAW support, Smart Objects, and Dodge and Burn.

The Web App is also releasing more features in its current beta format.

What do you think of Adobe’s updates to Photoshop? Let us know your thoughts on Adobe’s Photoshop updates in the comments below.

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