A Smartphone Returns to the Fold: Samsung Updates Us on Bendable Wonder’s New Release Date


The bendable Samsung Galaxy Fold had a rough start – and it is hard not to feel bad for the company.

Image via Samsung.

After all, few of us have experienced public failures on the level that Samsung did with that headset but, like every solid company, it admitted something was up and acted immediately. Can you imagine what would have happened otherwise?

There were so many problems with the new Galaxy Fold that some people began to wonder whether it was going to come out at all. And with Samsung unleashing a bunch of new smartphones in the near future, it seemed like the Fold would increasingly be left in the not-too-distant past.

But now we have an update on the Galaxy Fold and it will be returning soon…at least that’s the hope. The Verge reports that the phone is entering commercial production with the protective film covering issue being resolved by making it flush with the phone’s screen and thus impossible to peel off.

Amazingly, initial Galaxy Fold’s had a film on them that many consumers confused for the factory plastic put on screens to protect them. Removing this basically destroyed the screen. There were also some reports about wear and tear issues – the phone does have a hinge mechanism, after all – but it is unknown if those issues are being addressed but they likely are. We doubt Samsung wants another disastrous outing for the Galaxy Fold, one that we are certain would be its last.

So when will we be seeing the Galaxy Fold for sale? Sometime this year according to a report from Bloomberg which likely means anywhere from September forward. We’ll keep you updated on the Galaxy Fold as more information becomes available.

What do you think? Is a bendable smartphone something that you would want? Or do you think it is gimmick? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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[The Verge]

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