Wedding Photographer Has Warrant Issued and Fined for Not Showing Up to the Ceremony


Life isn’t easy as a photographer.

groom beside bride holding bouquet flowers
Groom beside bride holding bouquet flowers. Photo by Nathan Dumlao

And one of the more challenging aspects of working as a professional photographer is shooting a live event, chief among the most difficult being the wedding ceremony.

We’ve covered stories on this blog where the photographer was at fault or the guests were at fault.

But we haven’t covered many where the photographer has a warrant issued for their actions.

That’s what happened here after a wedding photographer pulled out on the day of the wedding and didn’t issue a refund because she had spent that money on rent.

Apparently, this wasn’t the first person she had done this to and, after hearing about that, the judge issued a warrant for her. Danielle Caldwell agreed to pay $USD 900 in restitution and argued to news reporters that the whole thing was done out of malice.

“This wasn't done out of malice. I was getting ready for her wedding, already dressed and loading my equipment, when I started feeling very light-headed, and my chest started pulling and hurting badly… The money was used towards bills to pay rent as any job would be… so that's why I didn't have the money.”

While it might not be out of malice, it is understandable that there’s a pattern here that more than one person experienced hence the judge’s move to issue the warrant. After all, if you offer photography services, accept deposits, and never produce output, that’s not acceptable. What’s the lesson here, folks? Stick to your commitments.

Any thoughts you might have on maintaining commitments as a photographer and the particular challenges that wedding photographers may face are welcome in the comments.

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