Amazing Video of Iceland’s Geldingardalsgos Erupting


Want to watch a volcano in Iceland erupt?

Photo by Clive Kim from Pexels.

Now you can, and with full sound, thanks to Jakob Vegerfors.

He edited together a video of Iceland’s Gelingardalsgos erupting and spliced it together with sound for an effect that is as beautiful as it is immediate.

You can check it out over on YouTube at this link.

We reported on the eruption of Fagradalsfjall some time ago – you can check out that article here for some of the details about the volcano.

Before it became unsafe to do so, visitors were allowed to view the natural spectacle.

“While this is the first eruption in 800 years, it isn’t expected to be a very long one. University of Iceland professor of volcanology, Þor­vald­ur Þórðar­son, commented to press that the eruption could end very soon or last for as long as a month. Crowds that gathered to watch the volcano have since left the site due to an increase in gas emissions,” we reported using a source from Grapevine.

On a description for the longer version of his video, Vegerfors explains that this is a unique eruption in that it could go on for quite a long time meaning that we could be seeing a lot more of Gelingardalsgos in the near future.

“They're saying that lava comes from around 20km depth, from the mantle. This means that it's a lot hotter than the “usual” eruptions here, and it also means that is it probable that it will continue to flow for a long time – months or years. If that is correct it is what is called a shield volcano, named after the shape of the crated, which will look like a huge shield lying on the ground.”

He continues: “If this happens it would grow huge, several hundred meters high, and cover most of the surrounding peaks in all my photos. Even though the process would take several decades, it's a staggering thought…”

Again, you can check out the original video at this link and you can view the extended version here.

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