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is a professional photographer and creator of Presets Galore.

The Gecko and Other Amazing Shots

Things have been really ramping up on Light Stalking these days, and it makes perfect sense why.  We publish a full-length article nearly every single day, have weekly contests in the forum and a rapidly growing community of users who post many photos and topics for discussion each week.  In fact, nearly a million people […]

‘Sun Still Comes in a Bowl’, More Amazing Photos Uploaded to Light Stalking and Stories You May Have Missed

Light Stalking has grown into a source of excellent content and community for photographers of every level.  In fact, almost a million people visit our site each and every month.  With all of the activity that such a large community brings, missing important content such as articles, weekly contests and great photos isn’t difficult.  To […]

How to Use Content Aware Fill in Photoshop

Most photographers would agree that whenever possible getting the shot right in camera should be the goal.  However, there are going to be times when this is impossible or when mistakes are made. Perhaps there is a distracting element in a scene that just can’t be avoided, or the horizon is a bit crooked in […]