The Best Black Friday Amazon Deals for Photographers


Black Friday is here. Retailers far and wide have been relentlessly advertising everything from autos, fashion, jewelry and toys. And for photographers, we are definitely not an ignored bunch. If you need a little help making your own personal wish-list or finding gifts for your photographer-friends or relatives, we are here to help. In this post we bring you some great Black Friday photography deals from Amazon. Grab them while they last.

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Since this is the time of the year to make lists and start shopping, let's get straight to specific categories with a-w-e-s-o-m-e savings so you can clinch some of these Black Friday deals from where you are right now. No lines, no crowds and no black eyes as advertised on TV.

To help generate some creativity in stocking and under-the-tree gifts, we're providing multiple ideas of categories. This includes the photographer who has ‘everything' to the photographer just getting started. From great gifts on a tight budget to the extravagant ones, there's something available on sale for everyone. Grab a mug of your favorite beverage and check out a few of these little steals across the three pricing tiers and some really big ticket savings opportunities too.


$50 and below


$50 – $499

  • The SanDisk 64Gb ExtremePro SCXC card – incredibly fast and large amount of storage.
  • GoPro Hero is just a fun gift idea!
  • Quadcopter for the GoPro…you too can have a drone, seriously.
  • 50mm 1.8 lens – pick your brand and while not on sale, this thrifty, nifty, fifty a must-have (even if they don't know it yet) in every photographer's tool bag.
  • For those needing a sturdy, protective backpack for camera gear Tamrac Expedition Series 5X is well-regarded. When traveling with other photographers, I put a red ribbon on my 7X so I don't grab someone else's by mistake.
  • Photographers appreciate their filters. From circular polarizing filters (think sunglasses for the lens) to neutral density filters that block out light without impacting color, good quality filters are a must-have for the outdoor photographer. Brands such as Hoya, B&W, Lee and others are available through Amazon. A caution here, you need to know the filter size as they are specific to the lens. If you don't, this is a prime time to purchase an Amazon gift card and let them choose!
  • Canon Speedlight 320EX for better managed flash lighting.
  • How about a Portable Studio to go along with the new flash lighting or speed lights?


$500+ to an Unlimited Budget

Now we're talking about the big gifts, the one's we long for, save for, bargain for. There's some serious deals to be had in this category with savings of a few hundred to a couple of thousand. Check daily this link for updates: Top Deals in Camera, Photo & Video You can also preview lenses sorted by price from high to low.

Here's some examples to get started

Macro lenses with savings greater than $300 up to over $700

  • Tamron has reduced their macro 70-200mm f/2.8 for Canon, Pentax, Sony, Nikon to $763. The regular price is $1662.96. That's a savings of $853.95. Can you say add another lens to that stocking?
  • Tamron 180mm f3/5 comes in with a 52% discount (savings of $753).
  • Sigma 105mm f/2.8 has been reduced by $300.

Telephoto lenses with savings greater than $700

Wide angle lenses with reductions $500+

Two Nikon models stood out with significant reductions: the 24mm f/1.4 wide angle and the 14mm f2.8 has savings of $700 and $640 respectively.

The Olympus 4-14mm has been reduced by over $500.

Tripods and monopods

Manfrotto has a complete line-up of savings on tripods, monopods and cases. One that looks particularly enticing is the Gitzo carbon fiber that's selling for $574.90 ($181 savings).

While the lists above highlight some gift ideas, Amazon's search function is robust and fast with a quick filter feature on the left. So if you're looking for a lens type, such as a prime lens 50mm Nikon, type in on the search line and a listing of lenses will pop up along with a few other suggestions.

A Festive Family Portrait
Photo by Noelani Grey

We hope you found these ideas helpful in sparking some shopping creativity. As the holidays begin in full force, all of us at Light Stalking wish you a holiday season filled fun, joy, time spent with special ones and many, many pictures!

Watch Alert: Many items also come with a mail-in rebate which can add even more savings. Be sure to check each item to see if a rebate is available. A cash or a credit could be coming back to you after the holidays. Don't forget to click and read the fine print as each manufacturer has their own specific purchase and mail in deadlines.

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