Build Custom, Insanely Cool Stock Photos with This App


Stock photography doesn't often get enough love in the photography press.

Completely necessary for marketing products, among other things, stock photography is rarely, if ever, on the forefront of some kind of innovation.

That's because marketing agencies like sterile, bland photos that often feature outlandish expressions, muted colors, and tons of light.

But what if you could do something a little different with your stock photos?

Now you can make your own crazy stock photos using a website dedicated to doing just that.

Photo Creator by Icons8 is a web app that PetaPixel says will let you make your own stock photos using a bunch of different scene elements collated by the app. There really is no limit to what you want to do. A building-sized cat terrorizing miniature people? Totally doable. The more fantastical, the better, in fact.

Once you select the elements you want in your photo you can then place them and resize them, among other things.

The founder of Icons8, Ivan Braun, told PetaPixel about a little bit of the magic behind the app: “The secret is the uniformed lighting (we shot all photos on own) and 3D-rendered scenes.”

After you have created your unique stock photo, you can then download it in JPEG or PNG format. You have to link back to the website or you can pay them $20 for free reign over your creations. The $20 fee also gets subscribers to access to objects that are already masked and layered. The fee is pretty low compared to the resources you get on tap. Marketers that are looking to stand out will probably find a lot to love about Icons8's Photo Creator.

A pretty cool web app, we can see this being used for both serious and humorous ends. The meme possibilities alone are almost endless.

You can check the website out for yourself by clicking here. You can also watch a video talking about the app on YouTube by clicking here.

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