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Don’t Update Windows 10 – It Might Delete Your Photos and Other Files!

Amid reports of deleted files and – most importantly for photographers – photos, Microsoft pulled the latest update for its Windows 10 operating system and has advised users to not implement it until some changes are made.

Of course, you should always remember to back everything up before doing any kind of system update because, as Microsoft’s OS has the bad habit of doing, it might do it automatically while you are away from the computer. Normally this isn’t a problem and it is a feature that can be shut off but when the update erases actual files in what could amount to a ton of damage for some users, it just goes to show you how dumb it is to make an update feature automatic in the first place.

PetaPixel is reporting that the October 2nd update for Windows 10 (version 1809) had not yet made it to the automatic update stage and was instead a download for users to actively implement at that time.

Those users who reported doing so said that the update wiped files, photos, and documents from their computer in what could have only been a jarring result to say the least. Users who have implemented the update can call Microsoft for technical support while the company works to find out what is causing update 1809 to do this.

According to the company Microsoft has ways to help users restore the files that they have lost and will make the update available once the bug is worked out. In the meantime they advise people make limited use of the device where all of the files were wiped and to contact their customer service as soon as possible.

Have you ever had an experience where you lost everything after a system update? If so, were you able to get back your files? Let us know your story in the comments.

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